• Xodan's China Blog: Epilogue

    An epilogue?! What the hell, where is rest of the stuff?! Well, it’s in the works, but synching up photos from 8+ cameras and plowing through notes takes surprisingly long time plus all the RL stuff left undone before the trip are pressing on a little bit. So I thought I’ll start with my feelings now right after returning from the trip, while they are still fresh in mind. I’ll try to get at least one or two entries done per day now that I’m back in home.

    Mon, 18/04/2011 - 05:10
    by Xodan
  • If you've ever been wondering about my research... you can find out!

    I had an opportunity to explain my PhD research into WoW raiding with the folks at Manaflask this week. They've posted the interview on their Web site,

    If you've ever wondered what exactly I've been doing, what I'm finding out, and what I hope to do with my PhD, there is probably way more information there than you might ever have wanted to know! :) 

    Sun, 17/04/2011 - 14:23
    by Ladan
  • 2:nd wave of the survey and general update

    Hi everyone!

    I'm sorry for the lack of updates but I have been working hard on my master-thesis as well as my work as a research assistant. I am currently working on completing the second wave of my survey and it will ship on Monday to all of you who answered the first panel a few months ago. Therefore you will recieve an mail from me either in-game or by e-mail depending on what contact-information you gave me.

    Sat, 16/04/2011 - 13:21
    by Zeotrix
  • New Global Report on the Virtual Economy

    The BBC posted an article today about a new World Bank/infoDev report titled "Converting the Virtual Economy into Development Potential: Knowledge Map of the Virtual Economy" (Lehdonvirta, Vili. & Ernkvist, Mirko, 2011. Washington, DC; infoDev / World Bank). It explores the evolution of the virtual economy in such environments as MMOs. A short case study of WoW is included. One intriguing suggestion it makes is that the sale of virtual products (like game gold) could have a positive impact on local, developing economies.


    Fri, 08/04/2011 - 12:32
    by Ladan
  • I can see my house from here

    Ever wonder how things always seem to come up at the last minute? As I'm writing this, I'm sitting in a bus heading for work. After that I have a workshop and some stuff to pick up. And the flight leaves in 7 hours.

    It's somewhat surprising how much work is involved in arranging such a trip (and not just talking about myself here). I'm hugely happy to realize that the brunt of it is done, and after these seven hours, all that remains is the trip itself. Yay!

    Fri, 08/04/2011 - 11:32
    by arx