World of Warcraft Summit in China

The Chinese guild Dream has invited Paragon, For the Horde, Stars and several other guilds and fans to a gettogether. Obviously our European friends accepted and will be heading off to China just a little over a week from now to absorb some of the culture and enjoy the sites. I wonder if Orgrimmar and Stormwind look different from China.

The theme of the event (taking place April 10 in Changsha, Hunan) will be the guilds and the exchange of ideas and experiences from WoW high-end raiding, and will be covered by Chinese media, with the guilds answering questions from the crowd.


A celebration of the hobby that we all share, this event is a great example of how it can bring so many different people together from so far away. As you can imagine the excitement is pretty high for the guys going (arx, Devai, Nize, xenophics, Xodan, zyn from Paragon and Felyndiia, Greatschock, liQ, Smasher from For the Horde) so here are some thoughts from them:


zyn: Personally, I'm really looking forward to meet & greet the Chinese WoW players. It'll be a very unique event I'm sure and I'm excited about it. I'm very interested in learning how they treat raiding, how they handle things in general and to see if we could incorporate some of their ideas into our own style of raiding.


xenophics: Going to China has been my dream ever since I was 10. There are no words to describe how honored and taken I am knowing that we've been invited to China to get together with World of Warcraft enthusiasts from all over the world. I want to spend this time learning everything I can from our fellow WoW players and having fun with like-minded people.


Greatschock: Me and the other representatives of For the Horde who were invited are very excited to go to China. We are especially looking forward to meeting like-minded people in this huge auspicious country alongside Paragon's players. Without a doubt we will enjoy the days in China and expect to exchange a lot of experience. Until then we are full of pleasant anticipation for our arrival in a few days.


Liq: This is a truly unique event, bringing top European and Asian Guilds together to exchange their experiences and answer questions from their fans. It is a great honour that we are part of the lucky ones that are able to witness and shape this event. Gaming knows no cultural or regional borders which has just beeen proved once again.


Paragon will be staying there a full week and going around exploring a bit, so check out their blogs.
liQ will be doing the majority of the blogging for FtH so check that as well, and we'll be updating this post with all the coverage from both guilds.


Have a truckload of fun over there and enjoy yourself as much as possible :) Can't wait for pictures, news and blogs.

Have a nice trip, I'm sure you'll all have an amazing experience there. My friend is there studying and said there's nice things to see there. Like the occasional suicide jumpers on the roofs.

Thanks for the tip, gotta err... keep it in mind.

thats sooo very nice.

Awesome! You realise I should be there! :P Dear me. :( Please take a recording device for me and record the discussions? Plllllllease? I will give you part of my PhD... do you want the D? :) Am I groveling enough?

Anyway, have a wonderful time. I taught English in China for a bit and loved my time there. They will really host you well. Just remember to go with the flow. And eat first, ask later. :)

I see a little girl, she is jumping up and down while yelling "pick me, pick me" :D

Welcome to China

Do you have any plans to visit other cities like Hangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing? They are the most modern and developed metropolises in China.
In addition, are xenophics and Jhazrun in the delegation?

1. According to a post on Facebook they will spend a few days in Beijing as their flights are connecting there

2. As you can see from the post, Xenophics will be among the delegation. Jhazrun not.

I used my best, saddest, most pathetic face and they still aren't putting me in their suitcase.... let's hope someone will record it. Fingers crossed. :)

As Niroth said, we'll be able to spend 2 days in Beijin, and the members attending the trip will be Devai, Nize, arx, zyn, xenophics and Xodan.

In that case I'd need a bigger suitcase.


No, I really would. Have you ever tried shoving a girl into a suitcase? It's not easy.

Only in one piece....

Wish you guys have a good week in China :)