Dragon Soul Challenge streams

The event starts at 4pm GMT. For more information about event: http://www.paragon.fi/news/dragon-soul-challenge.






You have been and you still are the best. Thanks for taking part in this :)

3rd because of the ball bug and not using the reset of the BL

There were other reasons than those as well that affected the end result. We'll post a short analysis when we've gone through the logs.

I already posted on facebook for the competition: My impression is you focussed too much on performing the individual fights, and not enough on sequencing them as efficiently as possible.

Comparing the videos, Blood Legion spawned the Warmaster ship at 41:10, Paragon at 41:11. But it looks like Blood Legion started immediately, and had the "Engines are damaged" event at 41:27. Paragon had the same event at 42:04.

That's a 36sec loss, which you really can't afford when the finish is so close.

My bad, I just noticed the engines don't get damaged simultaneously - there's a 13sec delay between the right and left. So it was only a 23sec loss. Still too much, though.