When discussing UIs - READ FIRST

When discussing UIs - READ FIRST

Post 26 Feb 2010 12:40

User avatarxenophics
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Paragon members' UIs have been the topic of many questions asked on these forums.

We have now opened a dedicated subforum to UI and macro discussion. There are 4 separate threads for each raid role. Please post to the right topic when you want to ask something from someone, do NOT create new topics.

Tank UI discussion

Healer UI discussion

Ranged dps UI discussion

Melee dps UI discussion

You can find our member's UIs from the first post of the thread and in case they haven't been posted yet you can request them in the same thread. Please keep in mind that not everyone wants to give out their UI's so respect them if they decline your request.

You can expect us to answer you with a good quality screenshot of our UIs and a list of addons we use. We don't usually want to upload any UI packages.