Tank UI discussion

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Post 01 Mar 2013 02:54

Avatar javi
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thatguy wrote:Thanks, just what I was after.

I was also wondering if there was any chance we could get a picture of Sejta's UI?

Here you go:


Re: Tank UI discussion

Post 04 Mar 2013 06:20

Avatar healmuth
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fragi - any chance you might end up uploading your UI somewhere? I've downloaded all the addons and added the WeakAuras stuff you posted, thanks a lot for that - but in the end, i can't seem to quite replicate your setup...

that'd be fantastic! Let me know if i can help somehow.

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Post 03 Feb 2015 00:13

Avatar Callard
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Hey there

I was watching your Mythic Stream and saw a global cooldown bar that looked rather nice.

I don't suppose you have a pastebin link for that at all.

Would be appreciated.