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Post 17 Dec 2012 10:07

User avatarlappe
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Artio wrote:Hey Lappé, could u tell me, how did u enlarge your debuffs on the nameplates? I still can scale the complete nameplate, but not only the debuffs. The Style is Compact or Wide? And what's your "Normal Scale"? 100%?


you need to play a little bit with .lua files

just replace your AuraWidget.lua with that and it should be the same as mine (unless i have old version with me at school)

if you want to modify them yourself just search for "-- Create an Aura Icon" and change the numeric information (you need to do it with every tidyplates update so thats why it might be "outdated")

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Post 17 Dec 2012 14:36

Avatar Artio
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Cool thanks. Hmm but something is buggy. The debuffs are overlapping with the nameplate and i can still switch the position of the border, not the debuff itself.

frame.Border:SetPoint("CENTER", 1, -2)

is there anoter string for the debuff?

Or could u upload your TidyPlates folder?

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Post 18 Dec 2012 09:07

Avatar Artio
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"frame.Icon:SetTexCoord(.07, 1-.07, .23, 1-.23)" didnt set up the debuff :\
and "frame.Border:SetPoint("CENTER", 1, 3)" is just for the border . Any other idea?