Lappé Macros

Lappé Macros

Post 16 Nov 2012 12:04

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Hey there, I've been watching the Gara'jal & Will of the Emperor videos and one thing I cannot figure out is how you get that smooth targeting. Do you have the same targeting on Wind Lord? Because I'm losing alot of dps trying to find the right target which I've not put a dot on before.
Also, what are your views on the 4set? Would you go for the higher breakpoint (8089) when you get it or stay at the lower one (3706)? or just go straight up mastery whenever you can't reforge anything to crit?


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Re: Lappé Macros

Post 16 Nov 2012 17:35

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tab target / nameplates

Hit cap > haste breakpoint (5273) > crit > haste > mastery