NRN Addon/WA

NRN Addon/WA

Post 17 Mar 2015 21:12

Avatar sinjinn
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I was watching your guys kill video for Mythic Blackhand and in P2 above your bars you have something that says Time to Execute and Time to Kill, I was wondering what addon this is or if it's a weakaura that you could share?

Also, for Mythic Oregorger I was wondering if you guys use anything specific to coordinate interrupts for the 5 of you? There was no rogue PoV in the Paragon kill video but I saw Verestrasz had a list of 5 peoples names and a cooldown bar would come up when they used their interrupt - not sure if you use that as well but if you could could you share that or ask Verestrasz?

Thanks so much for your help,

Grats on all the kills you guys have gotten as well, very well done