About YouTube... :D

About YouTube... :D

Post 21 Nov 2010 18:30

Avatar Tree3an
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Hello Paragon, and anyone else who might respond to this question.

My guild have decided to start uploading videos when we down bosses, just like you do. I do not claim that we're a good guild, but it's just something we'd like to do!

The question I have is; when you use songs in your videos, do you contact the artist to actually use their songs in your videos? Or is it enough to just write down a tracklist with the artists and songs? Or do I actually have to contact them to use their songs?

Thank you for your support! :)

Re: About YouTube... :D

Post 05 Dec 2010 09:47

Avatar Farnion
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Well... at least you should check if your video will be blocked in some countries, germany for example, because of your music. Happened serveral times to some paragon videos.

And don't ask why... if it wouldn't be so sad I couldn't stop laughing about the fact, that often official videos posted on official band channels are also blocked due to copyright issues o.O

Re: About YouTube... :D

Post 05 Dec 2010 10:41

Avatar Rein
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Yeah even if you have permission YouTube blanket blocks a lot of videos to avoid copyright issues, the best you can do is add music and hope it doesn't get blocked. Prepare alternatives just in case.