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Post 27 Oct 2011 01:03

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Post 27 Oct 2011 01:33

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Something people fail to take into account is that much of FL is farm, it's pretty easy. That being said some fights matter more than others, and IMO different specs are stronger. I play holy on heroic Rag, so my disc gear often reflects that. So does my spec, as I run a spec friendlier to heroic bael than I would for other fights, except that they are pretty laughable.

That being said, people looking to WOL, (btw the spec and gearing that people did those fights in is probably different now in the armory ;)) ) and religiously use the armory to figure out "the key" instead of playing their toon themselves, taking a bit of feedback from people successfully clearing the same content in a similar raid makeup and play.

My gearing reforging and spec's vary, in part night to night and fight to fight if in progression. What i'm running with for a healing comp on "harder fights" or the progressional fight of the week / night also greatly influences how the toon approaches things. One size doesn't fit all. Unless it's slack mode ;))

I'm assuming the same goes for alot of us.

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Post 27 Oct 2011 11:58

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Alkajak wrote:Which is exactly why I asked him the last question. Being the best priest in the world, in the best guild in the world, I would expect that you've done the absolute max theorycrafting possible on every type of reforging and gemming.

That's the thing. We don't. People see the DPS tuning their system by the decimals, and assume the other roles' endgame works similarly. I can't in good conscience make up fancy numbers I never cared about in the first place and pretend they mean something any more than a painter looked up to for the RGB values of his paints.

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Post 27 Oct 2011 13:29

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Thats something I've seen many healers go through, it's like different phases of understanding of the game. First you're pretty much clueless about everything, after you've figured out which spells to use and that there is no set rotation you start theory crafting and consider that it's the right way of playing. Min/max everything and try to reach best possible hps or regen setup or what ever you think is important at that time.

After a while you will (hopefully) start to understand that as long as you have good understanding of game mechanics you don't need to theory craft and calculate everything. Instead you can go by a feeling what seems to work best for you and for your raid group.

Hating with passion

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Post 09 Dec 2011 06:34

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Post 10 Dec 2011 18:50

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@ Jhazrun: With the haste values on the Dragon Soul gear, the threshold for reaching the 6th renew tick becomes possible. Will you continue your current ~7% haste and mastery stacking builds or will you try to achieve the 3475 rating (w/darkness and 3/3)to get that new renew tick and extra DH heals?

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Post 10 Dec 2011 22:54

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I, personally, wouldn't go for such a huge amount of haste, or well that 6th tick. Not sure how much throughput it will give us though (at least I am very comfortable with PoH's efficiency atm), nor am I sure how much he will value the extra Dhymn tick, but yeah, I personally wouldn't go for it since BL and other possible haste modifiers might take u there anyway (the new trinket will also take u past that "cap").

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Post 11 Dec 2011 04:53

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I've found Renew to be lackluster so far in 25 man DS, I'm even considering dropping renew talents completely :/

Shame, really, I like the spell, but its pinnacle was during ICC =( I wish they buffed it and nerfed PoH.

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Post 22 Dec 2011 02:06

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Is the boss dead?