Question - Shadow Priest 4.3

Question - Shadow Priest 4.3

Post 30 Nov 2011 08:05

Avatar pedrosimao
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Hi all!

I have been reading the notes for patch 4.3 on the priest and the other classes in general. Also read the guide shadow priest here on the site of Paragon.

Right now I'm leveling a priest, I'm level 70. I started playing wow a little over one month.

My question is, should I continue to level the priest? It's a good class for the end of the game (pve) as much as dps (mostly) and healer?

I'm asking this because everyone has told me that the shadow priest is one of the best classes in terms of DPS at the end of the game, which has been a class that has done more damage in recent times. I decided to make one, it's a fun class to play and I've been like it.

Now with the changes in patch 4.3 shadow priest can continue one of the best in terms of damage?

Should I choose another class as main DPS and let the priest to heal?
Or the priest is able to be at the top of the damage done?

Thank you,


Re: Question - Shadow Priest 4.3

Post 30 Nov 2011 09:10

Avatar Vargur
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Well I've often been at the top, and I'm a retard. So you can do it too. :D

p.s. it really also depends on whether you have a DI, sp bonus, nature of the fight (single-aoe-adds) and such.


Re: Question - Shadow Priest 4.3

Post 30 Nov 2011 09:37

User avatarKyy
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priest is still solid in 4.3

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