Healer Priest T13

Healer Priest T13

Post 12 Dec 2011 09:02

Avatar Thotz
Posts: 60
Should I break my T12 Heroic 4-set for T13 Normal/RF set? To me, Cauterizing Flames sometimes seem worthless in the boss encounters, because of its proc's randomness.

Re: Healer Priest T13

Post 13 Dec 2011 02:38

Avatar Alkajak
Posts: 18
I've already replaced it with two RF T13 pieces. I even downgraded from 391 T12 legs to 384 T13. I find the 4pc for T12 was utter garbage just because I proc it 60% of the time from buffs before a boss. The 2pc and 4pc from T13 is pretty badass, even if you take a 10 int/10 spirit deduction.