4 set Disc. which off piece

4 set Disc. which off piece

Post 15 Apr 2013 00:06

Avatar Narlya
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Hello, :)

So I've been hurling myself around with this, looking at how others gear and basing it upon the current stat prio.
I play a 25-man. I am currently playing Crit heavy, but i sometimes switch to Mastery based on boss, and what i do.

Right now, i got all 5 set pieces. (lucky rolls)
I was wondering which off-set should be the desired one.

I went for Legs, getting either the master one or crit one. But I noticed a portion of players going for chest being off-piece, I can only guess it is because of the lack of spirit on the tier chest.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Re: 4 set Disc. which off piece

Post 18 Apr 2013 19:59

User avatarJhazrun
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Chest is what you'd most of the time rather pick a spirit option for, yes. Spirit makes mana, and mana makes heals. I like heals.