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So, Im wondering what the people from Paragons personal thoughts and knowledge about this little place is? Prejudices are also welcome, wont be offended.

Re: Ahvenanmaa

Post 15 Nov 2011 09:24

User avatarzYN
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Very expensive to maintain. Incredibly racist/hostile towards Finnish people based on my own experiences and the experiences of people I know who have visited the place. In the budget for the year 2011 the people living at Ahvenanmaa are getting 8000€/person in social support. It's significantly more than what people in mainland Finland would get. The overall amount of taxes the citizens there pay is surprisingly good, only second to people living in the Helsinki metropolitan area, but a significant portion stays at Ahvenanmaa. Which makes Ahvenanmaa pay overall the least taxes of any county(?) in Finland.

I don't see the point in having autonomy. Either integrate into mainland Finland or declare independence. Current system makes very little sense from the little I understand of the situation and just creates animosity.

Feel free to correct me if I got something wrong. It's what I know of the place and have experienced. Never going to visit the place again though, definitely wouldn't recommend for anyone I know.