T12 & T13

T12 & T13

Post 09 Dec 2011 22:09

Avatar sháded
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I have tried simulation my T12 and T13 sets and by all accounts it shows that a change from 391 4 set T12 to 4set T13 is a loss of 1k dps which surely cannot be the case. I have tried setting it up many times with the same result.

So my question is if you were developing into T13 which is the stronger parts of the set and how would you go about it. i.e

Stay T12 until Full 397 T13
2set T12 + 2 Set 397 T13

Basically I have the 2 set 397 ready to go but its showing a loss over my 4 set 391 T12. do i need to wait for a full 4 set before the change and is it worth it or do i need heroic gear to make the difference worth while.

Hope that makes sense


Re: T12 & T13

Post 09 Dec 2011 23:03

User avatarKyy
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T13 bonuses are pretty damn bad compared to T12, personally I rather pass T13 for those that actually get some good dps boost from their bonuses.

So at least me and xeno are going to skip the 397ilvl tiers for now. Maybe we pick 2 parts for some bosses to make sw:d safer to use, but I most likely wont use any 397ilvl pieces and just go for 410ilvl ones since the stat upgrade on those start to diminish lack of good set bonus compared to T12.

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