Question regarding Discipline healing

Question regarding Discipline healing

Post 12 Apr 2013 23:14

Avatar Lefty12
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Hey Jhazrun, big fan.

I'm a new Discipline healer (was Holy 99% of the time, the exception being Heroic Ultraxion to beat enrage timer). I'm having trouble during high damage phases of fights and was wondering what "rotation" you use during things like Lightning storm on Jin'rokh or quils on Ji-Kun ect. Now that I don't have Divine Hymn, Circle of Healing or Serendipity stacks to cast PoH I'm feeling a little lost.

What I have been doing is popping Archangel then using PoM and Cascade on cooldown and then spamming glyphed Binding Heal in between. I try to use Spirit Shell before hand but PoH is so slow it seems like 1 only get 2-3 casts off before I need to start spamming binding to keep people from dying. Was hoping you had some advice.

Thanks for your time.

Re: Question regarding Discipline healing

Post 18 Apr 2013 19:57

User avatarJhazrun
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Glyphed binding heal is my go-to spell as well, with pw:shields mixed in and atonement:penance on cooldown.