So confused!!!

So confused!!!

Post 13 Apr 2012 13:02

Avatar Cooleded
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Hello there.

My guild is progressing on Spine of deathwing heroic, I was raiding with em as disc/holy priest and they asked me ro reroll as Rshaman for spine heroic.Armory : ... a/advanced

And i was so confused about" Why shaman instead priest on spine".

And my thoughts were " Because of the mana tide and spirit link totem"? i dont know if this is the main reason, anyway.
As i undterstood from the mana tide that it will give the raid Extra spirit depending on the shaman's spirit.
Shall i go for spirit so healers will get more mana? shall i go mastery and haste?.
I was thinking about using Core of Ripeness during that fight, like to use the trinket once i use the mana tide.
We are rolling with 2 or 3 rshamans , as 25man raid.
Hopefully you'll answer me and make it pretty clear about states and why shaman.
Thanks alot!

Re: So confused!!!

Post 13 Apr 2012 13:27

User avatarKyy
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Use trinkets wont boost your mana tide anymore, so dont gimp yourself with core of ripeness. Also go with mastery/haste if you can keep your mana up with TC. And ye it´s mainly the huge passive healing, strong single heals for those with debuff and ofc spirit link that makes shamans so good in that fight. Spirit link being able to heal through debuff is pretty big

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Re: So confused!!!

Post 13 Apr 2012 14:37

Avatar Cooleded
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Thanks for ur quick answer.