• The Raid Observer: Week 1, The Day it Hit the Fan

    So... things went a bit pear-shaped today. And I'm talking pears the size of 8-days!
    And I will reveal the spookiest fact of this raiding race so far... read on to find out! I was supposed to be minding my own business, writing up my thesis, and adding a few wee raid observations every day on how things were going. It was supposed to be calm. But noooooo, it went all Titanic on ...

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 10:42
    by Ladan
  • An LFR Apology

    There has been a lot of misinformation going around, so to clear things up, here is a truthful account of what exactly happened with the LFR and what we have to say about it. The patch hit EU servers on Wednesday. We started off with our 5x Firelands runs to wrap up legendaries and called it a night. For Thursday, we had an elaborate plan to run a personal LFR raid for every main character to get the maximum amount of loot ...

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 05:02
    by arx
  • Keep updated on Paragon's progress

    The race for t13 heroic modes is about to start and the final preparations have been made. Now we just have to wait. When the servers open on Wednesday we'll be going all out on Dragon Soul. Even when we won't be streaming our raids, you'll still be able follow Paragon's progress as the bosses die.

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 00:10
  • The Raid Observer: Week 1, Weekend Update!

    Yet another Raid Observer update from the Guest Contributor, Ladan, on the raiding race. This time I'll give you an update on what (may not have) happened over the weekend: continued concern over the LFR situation and more guilds join the raiding fray!

    Monday, December 5, 2011 - 10:48
    by Ladan
  • Dragon Soul Raiding Progress: Week 1, Day 4!

    Yet another Raid Observer update from the Guest Contributor, Ladan, on how the raiding race is (not) going so far! Life post-LFR, the emergence of trolls, and more...!

    And my usual disclaimer: I am not a member of DREAM Paragon, I have just been asked to provide a regular update on my observations of the raiding race for Patch 4.3 as it unfolds. All typos, misunderstandings, and opinions are my own (though my cat may cause the typos if she walks on my keyboard) and may or may not represent the views of Paragon and its actual members ...

    Saturday, December 3, 2011 - 12:05
    by Ladan
  • Dragon Soul Raiding Progress: Your Day 3 (-4) Update!

    Hello! Guest Contributor Ladan reporting in, giving you some of the highlights of Day 3. It's been a fairly dramatic week considering it's "just" Week 1. Curious? Read on!

    Note: The opinions and typos expressed in this and all of my Daily Updates are my own. I am not a member of DREAM Paragon, just an invited guest contributor to their site. If you're interested in learning more about my research and work into raiding and raiding culture, please check out my research blog, http://www.raidingresearch.co.uk.

    Friday, December 2, 2011 - 16:04
    by Ladan
  • Warrior Guide for 4.3 Normal Modes

    This is the 4.3 Warrior DPS guide for Dragon Soul normal modes. It's meant to give instruction, tips, and tricks on how to crit big as a Warrior in the latest patch. Warriors are overall very strong in Dragon Soul because they scale very well with the rising item levels. There is also a lot of random incoming damage to feed your rage bar and thus make your dps higher. Just don't stand in the "rage pools" too much and cause your healers heart attacks. Still, if you decide to stay in the fire, just hire a healer and you're good to go.

    Friday, December 2, 2011 - 15:10
    by wakoz