Progress update: Maloriak 25-man heroic mode

Just a quick update, Maloriak is now dead in 25-man heroic mode. The whole thing is a long and sad story which we'll tell later when the progress is over.


edit: not *that* sad


Coverage is up what do you mean whole thing? What happened?

Sounds like something serious happenned..

My bet is that they will explain after progress is over :P

Oh no

Hehe Chimaeron is down too :D

Paragon got 3/12 FAR before any other guild (talking a whole day of progress on a fourth boss) and still they lost the race to fourth by about half a day. I guess the thing he's talking about has something to do with this. Especially since the fourth boss they now killed was the same one as Method took in I guess a few hours of raid time. I was personally thinking Paragon was going to kill a harder boss which no one would expect, hence why it took so much time. I guess that wasn't the case, and there's something else behind all this?

Yup, this is partly correct. We'll let you know when it's safe :)

Did you perhaps encounter a bugged/impossible with gurrent gear level boss?

Glad to see you're back on track with 5/12 though, keep up the good work.

Would you mind cutting out your annoying linkspam?

Can't wait to see what the story is, sounds exciting. Hope it isn't some crappy excuse like what Adept uses after every kill