The results of the quiz


The first round of Firelands competition price runs is going to start in a few hours. Congratulations to the winner! We'd like to thank everyone for participating (and trolling), we got almost 150 answers to the quiz. When we were thinking about the questions we knew we didn't want to make them easy, but the quiz turned out to be a rather hard one as even the guy who made up the questions didn't know answers to all of them.
We had 2 people with 8/10 correct answers (of which the other was Daewyn from our guild). Here are the correct answers to the questions and some fun facts we noticed while checking them.

The correct answers

Who is the oldest Paragon player? Kruf is the correct answer, Anaram being just a bit younger. 36 people knew the correct answer, but 34 though Seita is the senior in the guild.
Which boss required the most pulls before the first kill? We counted that we used over 700 pulls on Ragnaros. The rumour has it that some GM has checked this and the actual amount is closer to 900. This question was the easiest to people, 102 people got it right.
How many original members are still playing in Paragon? Guild's original members come from Knockout or Sauna, and these 12 people are: Tuutti, Lappe, Seita, Sossu, Xodan, Deva, Baltha, Iiris, Ilonie, Rakez, Diivil, and Wakoz. This was one of the harder ones, only 8 people knew the right answer. Most of the people (11) answered 7 or 8.
Who is the youngest Paragon player? The correct answer is Tauno, he just turned 18. 7 people knew the correct answer, when the most of the votes (20) went to Lappe who is actually over 20 now. 20 people voted Daewyn who is the same age as Lappe.
Which members from the guild are brothers with each other? This one was kind of a trick question, since the correct answer is "none". However we accepted any combination of the following answers:
1. None
2. Lazeil and Diivil
3. Synti, Jubeto, and Yuzka (or a combination of two of them)
Of these five people Lazeil, Jubeto, and Yuzka don't play in the guild anymore. Quite a few knew the correct answer, while some though Anaram and arx were brothers (they look a bit alike though).
Which member of Paragon has started WoW later than anyone else? This question wasn't taken into account when counting the points as Tauno had earlier said that he started playing after Firelands (less than a year ago). In relaity he has started before TBC. Apparently the question "when did you start playing wow" was too hard for him! Most of the people (15 in total) voted for Paradar.
Who shouted "USSO TAUNTTAA" during world first heroic 25 man Lich King? The correct answer is Diivil! This choice was actually only the 4th popular one with 15 people getting it right, 27 voted for Lazei, 18 for Ussos himself and 18 for Seita.
How many female players have ever played in Paragon? (name them). We have had three girls, xenophics, Xephros, and Tombolo. Quite a lot of people new xenophics and Tombolo correctly, but we did have a couple of Ilonie's, Deva's, and Kyy's there. Poor guys.
Which world first was achieved by largest number of (any) single class in the raid? As we are talking about 25-man kills, the correct answer is our Nefarian kill with 11 druids. It seems people remember this one quite well, as 93 people knew the correct answer. 7 people answered just "druids".
What was Paragon's first world first? Our first World First was from Trial of the Grand Crusader (t9), and it was Anub'arak. 95 people knew the correct answer to this, while a handful answered "Lich King".
We had a lot of fun checking the answers, there were a couple of gems there in the troll answers and in the serious ones as well. Thanks again for paricipating! 
We'll keep the runs up until MoP comes out, and we'll announce the next competition (which will be a totally different one) on 12th of May. Stay tuned for it, updates will be posted on our Facebook page.


Can your guild members answer the quiz? If so, then I'll drop out form doing these quizes since I obviously dont know anything about you! :P Although I have followed you since Anub'arak.../facepalm

Our guild members can of course answer the quiz but we'll obviously ignore their answers. These competitions are meant for people outside the guild.

Also, the following competitions will be quite different, they definitely won't be all about knowing everything about us.

yay gives me hope to win a raggy mount! xd