Cho'gall down!

After poking his dozens of eyes with sharp and pointy weapons for the whole day, Cho'gall now lies dead.



It was time to put our gameface on - after a few short (and relaxing) farm raids and a day off, For the Horde managed to snag the first kill on Cho'gall. Congrats to them, but damn does that suck! Just as you think you can afford some slack. With that in mind, there was some really serious catching up to do, as we had only dabbled a bit with some potential tactics for the fight. The pressure was definitely on and you could feel it in the raid.


Luckily, things started clicking and the tries started to go better and better. After yet another trash respawn, we took a very much needed small break - we had already raided for almost 10 hours in total. On the next pull and even with quite a few mistakes early on (and consequently, deaths) it  pretty much looked like a wipe. Man's best friends since the 60's, soulstone and combat res, managed to turn the tide and we were able to slay Cho'gall. Pretty damn close, especially with some people dead. It most likely only happened because Lappé could start in Lunar Eclipse after the trash clear. Love your owls, people.


Sometimes it's definitely worth doing "just a few more pulls." 8]


gratz, iam trully impressed of your perfection in gameplay, been waiting for that kill since fth did it

Gratulation, only the Same like dariush. Very nice gameplay; I WANT A VIDEO.
What is with the the Video from nef 25er btw.?

We're waiting for some other guilds to kill Nefarian before releasing the video. Just as with other kill videos before.

You didnt slack on purpose, you were simply not good enough at a boss than another guild. Maybe you just should accept that fact. There is nothing wrong about doing so, in fact, there would be nothing wrong with that statement either. You would have killed it, if you would have been dedicated enough just as FtH, but you thought that he is not killable.


all i want to know is .. where do you see any class stacking in that kill shot? If anything that just looks like a regular raid setup.

edit: my bad i was tired when i read this, i now see you said SLACK not STACK

I want to say i have followed Paragon since they have been established. I also want to say Donator, you have no place to be ridiculing Paragon for stacking druids during the Nef fight. If anything they used what the game offered to there advantage and worked their asses of to kill Nef. As for the Cho fight goes I see no class stacking, actually wait.... i see something..... PURE SKILL. Grats Paragon on another great kill, Keep it up!

Why do you wait for other Guilds ? Why have to Be an other Guild with theire Video?

Congratulations Paragon!

Thanks, but it's really no problem having some bitter butthurt people lurk on our site, watching over everything that we do. It doesn't bother us - we're doing what we enjoy doing and by far majority of the time have fun while doing it. It has no negative impact at all. If anything, it sometimes just gives a good laugh when someone is incredibly desperate in trying to over-analyze stuff or use some kind of insane troll logic to come to conclusions.

Basically we're getting free hits and something to laugh at. I don't see the downside. 8]

There's no need for another guild to release a video. We're just waiting for some other guilds to finish the encounter and get a kill. We withhold it to keep the tactics and such to ourselves and to try to keep the race for the second/third/whatever kills clean.

big congratulations to Paragon crew kind of good to see different guilds fighting over instead one guild dominating. Although kind of funny how will you decide between al akir and sinestra to progress on. Seems Al'Akir is the hardest upon end bosses but Sinestra is the end-end heroic only boss so.

also maybe you can include some ventrilo communication during boss fights like FtH. just a suggestion

good luck with them bosses

There are only 24 people on the kill picture.....who's missing or were you so pro you 24 manned it? ;)


Congratulation guys, great effort :) Your full report is here :

he got lost in the pool of lava behind us :P


When are you guys gonna post your Cho'gall heroic kill? And nefarian...

It was not my intention to attempt to insult you or whatever you may think, it just doesnt sound like Paragon. You wouldnt have taken a day off if you would have known that you can kill the boss. This is a fact you cannot deny.

I think ppl missreaded donators coment. he said slacking not stacking. and ppl ask him where they class stacked on this ss, lol

You should really learn to read, Xtecy, seems like you read what you want to read to denounce someone for something they didnt say.

ahahaha :')

They're waitng for more people to kill those bosses before releasing.

Like they said futher below, to make 2nd, 3rd etc kill clean.

Paragon have a really nice way to tease the other guilds - juust when they kill a boss and come close to be 1st *bang* Paragon kills another one. It's like you keep it on 1% the whole time and kill it when necessary :) gj :)

Sorry man, Completely misread your post i think!

The comments are bugged on Firefox, can't see the buttons unless I press TAB because the comment page is too long and buttons are hidden under the bottom.

Happened to me once too, but its FF issue afaik.

Congratulations !
Keep it up !

gz! Hope i can watch the "movie" soon ;)

I been following WoWprogress and I am always fond of any leading guilds and how they do it, now I have also read almost every post there is regarding exploits etc. All I can really say with honesty is its always the people that lose that post and cry about not being first, I cant see why it matters how Paragon got nef down (if you ask me there pretty damn awesome to figure out using druids like they did) everytime Paragon got a boss down, that no other guild could, Blizzard made a fix... does that make paragon exploiters ? Hell no, does that mean blizzard saw that 25 incredibly smart people found a way to do something, correct me if I am wrong but blizzard didnt release a "how to kill our raid bosses" so I honestly do not see why this is a issue. My point is yet again proven on Council, I mean MELEE are nerfed to the ground on that fight, so now what ? Should paragon pack there bags and be like "oh well we cant kill him because of his lighting" No they went and changed there ways and got him down, I do agree blizzard changed it because they saw first hand how hard/impossible they made the fight for melee so they fixed it, people should be thanking Paragon not flaming them...

Regarding this story about "stars" and reporting Arthemedas, sigh, all I can say about that is if they are bad losers because Paragon beats them in every aspect now they think they will get there fame and glory by pretending there better and flaming paragon

So, GRATZ paragon on your current progress, I am dieing to see movies, not because I want to know if you exploited like half the fake fans on your posts, I would like to see movies because your movies are awesome, I still watch your LK heroic movie every now and then because that was some pure awesomeniss. So dont disappoint me! Bring those movies!

[Again, edited out a part of the post.] -zYN

Seen for the past few days you guys have been in BoT even after Cho'gall HC, can only assume your doing Sinestra. If I am right, is she as hard as blizz made her out to be?

There's some bugs in the fight. It's definitely making things harder. But yes, she's very hard.

I'm a fan of Paragon as well, I mostly tune into wowprogress and this site, but you're not doing anyone any favors by bringing in racism, let alone massive typos. If you want to post an intelligent post about Paragon, learn to understand the different between "their" and "there". Also, your racism is childish and it's spelled Asian, not asain.

Paragon finds ways to adapt to any raid situation which is impressive and puts them at the top. They don't enjoy failure and the routes they take are unpredictable. There's no point in trying to defeat a boss that can't be defeated because melee dies in one shot, at least not with a regular raid set-up. They're able to succeed, and thanks to them, Blizzard changes the dynamics of some fights so that other guilds can actually down them as well.

I am sorry if you feel offended about my "typos" guess your one of those people that believe the world only has English speaking people.

Also everyone (if your even following the on going war insults) is giving there own opinion, Stars think there funny by there insults so I cant see why I cant lift my own opinion, I merely added that comment to maybe remind readers that they shouldn't be so harsh towards Stars because lets face it, they got bigger problems...

Lastly, again sorry if I offended you, wasn't my intentions to do so, I was just trying to state to paragon they shouldn't worry what people say about them ESPECIALLY what Stars has to say.

[Edited out a part of the post.] -zYN


If Paragon is half as great as you idolize them to be, then there shouldn't be the necessity to inform Paragon that they shouldn't worry about what people say, it's very clear they already don't.

I'm an avid fan of Paragon, I just wish those who spoke in their favor were mature enough to leave racism out of it. The fact that you didn't blatantly admit it was racism, but rather supported the racism by stating it was fact just shows how young or naive you are. I'm not trying to turn this into a flame battle, we're both on the same side making the same point about the superiority of Paragon, but you do them no favors by punching below the belt.

Let those who trash talk do so willingly, but it's always better to reinforce your side rather than immaturely insult the opposition.

Gz on World's first Lady SInsestra !
Nice job guys !

There is indeed some strange activity on your armory! Do I dare say gratz? ;)