Is change good?

So I've been thinking lately about how living in WoW raidingland requires accepting and participating in a lot of change--all the time. We have to change our boss fight strategies, change our specs, change our spell rotations, change our gear (I don't know about you, but I always get a little emotional during levelling when I have to go from all epic to a green/blue mix--purple just looks so much prettier on me). I mean even our software and hardware has to change. And every single blasted expansion, they make us change our "hang out" city. Come on, I really liked being in a floating city! It was fun to show my non-WoW playing friends.


Change is good, right? But what about those changes we have to pay for? Like changing your race or server for raiding? I know that some of us don't think twice about plonking thousands of gold down for a shiney new trinket or to level up a profession, but have you ever parted with your hard-earned pound/euro/dollar in order to 'epic-ify' yourself? I've got a new poll up on my research blog. Tell the truth--have you ever paid to change for raiding? And if so, how often have you done it?

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