Tier 11, 13/13 - Heroic Al'akir 25-man down

This is it - Cataclysm's first tier of raiding has finally been finished. We are quite satisfied with how everything went, despite some setbacks along the way. Right now we are probably even happier to be able to soon go back to our 1 day/week raiding schedule after the merciless non-gated grind.


Al'Akir was a rather unforgiving boss overall. The difference on this particular boss is absolutely massive in 10-man compared to 25s due to the area scaling. Congratulations to Dream though for getting the world first in 10-man! Here's to hoping the 25-man version of Al'akir won't get hotfixed or nerfed too soon; everyone else should go through the same soul draining wipes that we had to endure. ;)



Thanks to all Paragon members for giving their best and making it possible for us to perform as good as we've done. Also thanks to all the supporters and people who have travelled the journey with us. Thanks also go to Steelseries and ASUS. Most of all, thanks to Blizzard.



Paragon's Heroic 25-man First Kills in Tier 11 (7/13):

Conclave of the Four Winds

Omnotron Defense System

Valiona & Theralion

Ascendant Council






Gratz, so was he really that hard or did u lack tactics

Grattista, hienoa työtä !

Gratz! nice screenshot ;P xd

P1 Lightnings got fixed so the raid doesn't wipe during the first minute anymore, making the fight possible. The tactic we used was one which zyn suggested some weeks ago.

Very nice job, guys. Congratulations. Now go get some sleep! :)

He's very simple, but execution is extremely difficult.

Congratulations! Onneksi olkoon!

Grats, nice screenshot, how many attempts total overall? Be interested to know that breakdown for the other bosses too!

Congratulations! Is Sejta rerolling to dk? :O

Nah, we just used his DK on this specific encounter.

My sincerely congratulations! good job done! as ive said before - iam trully impressed of your skill and dedication to progress.

Although its a huge accomplishment to get so many world firsts (seriously a big congrats on that!), saying stuff like: 'We hope it won't get nerfed soon, other guilds have to go through the same pain', sounds a bit lame to me while you were the only guild that could do nefarian on such a lame way, but thats just my opinion. Still a huge congrats with being the first guild that killed all bosses :D

how much time to take that SS? this boss likes mail lags, dont he?
still would like to see nefarian dead again. congrats

Come on. I even added a smiley face.

The wiping just melts faces and turns your soul as twisted, foul and black as Satan's stool sample. That's all.

True true (epic picture btw :D)

Gz on 13/13 thumbs up!

you guys really freaking out, i think you finish guys need a nerf! :D

gratz for all the kills!

Surprisingly little. It went much faster than our regular killshots I think.

And yeah. Sup with the mail legs? Get them every week. Same with the GODDAMN TANKING RING FROM CONCLAVE.


congrats!! nice job guys best guild in wow in my opinion. Ensidia is still probably trying to bug nefarian with saronite bombs. You guys got the world first A'akir, other guild only did 10 man you guys are the besttt

wowprogress says you got 2nd for H Al'akir kill.

You rip into a guild for using something that worked? did paragon not glitch neferian to gain world first.

They got world first 25man heroic kill which if you read, is exactly what they say. "World first Heroic 25 man's."

No, actually they didnt. Blizzard intended for the Mind control mechanic to stack to 150 (2250% Damage) but did not see that a feral druid could use rip which ticks for pertuatous numbers anyway, without being multiplied by 225, but they didt glitch the fight any more so than STARS glitched Yogg-Sarron 0 keepers by stacking warlocks. Its just class stacking to make use of a high ticking dot, they admitted they could have used any other class with heavy dots but the druids just allowed more raid utility.

You guys are a true inspiration to all those raiders out there, hardcore or not, atleast there is someone to follow and learn off of, it's a disappointment though that you guys couldn't get 13/13 world firsts lol, but you did pretty good racking up half of them, i bet you guys will get em all next tier though, good job and keep pwning :)

Congratulations Paragon :) for world first 13/13H :)

Congratulations, great job. You have my respect.

grats you guys,

but until you kill Nefarian 25 heroic (the hotfixed version) it's still only 12/13 hc bosses you killed.

I'm looking forward to see who gets the "real" Nefarian world-first, since it seems to be the hardest fight of all.

But anyways grats to the other kills, you did absolutely everything possible to get those kills, I hope you are happy with the way you got them.

big GZ guys, really impressive - you should all thank Nakkimon for carrying xD

Grats guys :D

Yes because you decide how many class [name here] we can bring to boss [name here] right?

Dont forget you have to have atleast 1 shaman in raid. Also you have to play blindfolded and drink milk with one hand at the same time.

And of course NO DKs! Because taking DK to a raid is autowin. And it is just not fair.

PS. I play dk xd

Some Koreans killed heroic Al'Akir, but it was in 10man.

You definitely earned the respect of the entire WoW and gaming community. Onneksi olkoon!
Your coverage is live: http://www.gamersbook.com/scene/coverages/ as always :)

Indeed, waiting for the video :)

Butthurt baby makes dick go ding XD
Q + Q = delicious.

If you read the post again they say "hope they dont nerf al'akir soon" they did not mention nefarian so pull your head out of your behind.

Grats on 13/13 and a return to one night of raiding!

Gratz guys, u r real inspiration for us, so proud of being in Horde and playing on Lighting's Blade, finally we can see some Phoenix mounts in the game :D:D:D

Congratulations to all of you. Now get some beer and go sauna!

Dear method
Please kill nefarian and al'akir within the next 24 hours, so Paragon can publish their videos!
(since we know you outrank ensidia)

Yours sincerely, Dygwyn

The Dark Phoenix was unlocked like a month ago you just have to have exalted rep to buy them.

Now that Al'Akir has been killed by Method does this mean we can expect a video of the fight shortly? ;)

Ensidia downed it too, time for video =P

Yeah, it'll be up soon. The fight will play a bit different in P1 though, since it was before the nerf.

They killed him on 10 man version , with nerf yep

Upea teko, montako yritystä?/Awesome deed, how many attempts?
Also, you have the phoenix mounts already?

done bro - hope we didn't take too long