Xodan's China Blog: First entry

Hello! Hello! Is anybody out there? This is my first blog entry ever, so I think a short introduction is in order. My name is Ville and I live in Oulu(a teeming metropolis of 120K people), which is located some 550 km up north from Helsinki.  It is also known as “Jääkarhujen maa” by us Finns. It can be loosely translated as “The Polar Bear County”. Usually they don’t come near settlements, but I do remember reading about some polar bear sightings just a couple weeks ago in the local newspaper. Outside polar bear spotting, my hobbies include wow, jogging and board gaming.

Hey! It's a me, Mario.In past you haven’t seen me in the Paragon live events, mainly because of the sheer distance between Ouluand Helsinki(the place in Finland, where all the action is). It’s not too much fun to sit in a train for a total of 15 hours for one weekend trip or so. Plus the train is not exactly cheap here in Finlandeither. Combined with that I’m not usually very chatty in Team Speak, I think I’m a bit of a mystery to most of my guildies too. I’m sure this trip will change that.

For past couple of weeks I have been brushing up on my totally non-existent skill of eating with chopsticks and of course reading up on Chinese habits etc., so hopefully I can avoid some of the inevitable blunders. Although those usually give the best laugh, so shouldn’t worry about them too much.



I have to say, I don’t usually lose a sleep over anything, but going over to the other side of the world certainly does it to me. I didn’t get too much sleep last night. Maybe that’s why this blog does seem a bit drowsy too. Just a mental note to self: don’t leave things to the very last minute. I just hope the jet lag monster doesn’t crit me too hard once we get over there.

Hopefully I can update this blog regularly with a many cool pictures and entries of us fooling around in China. Ok, just a couple of hours before I have to leave for the airport for my flight to Helsinki. Better wrap this up. Over and out.



                                    Some polar bears chilling.                                

Ps. There are no polar bears in Finland, but I’m sure you all knew that already. :) But the picture was just too cool to pass up. 


wow ,,, surprised to see you here ....nice pictures

Pilko sipuli ja sienet. Sulata voi ensin kattilassa ja lisää sitten sipuli ja sienet. Kuullota niitä kunnes Sienet ja sipuli ovat kutistuneet hieman.

Lisää vehnäjauhot ja sekoita. Kaada sekaan vesi, kasvisliemikuutio ja mausta. Anna kiehua hiljalleen kunnes keitto on saostunut ja lisää kerma. Anna kiehua vielä kunnes rakenne miellyttää omia makunystyröitäsi :) Lisää mukaan vielä suosikkileipääsi ja syksyn suurin herkku on valmis nautittavaksi!

Horrible, just horrible