Hello China!
First when we woke up after most awesome sleep i ever had, we went for the breakfast. I was like tourist in the buffee, tbh i was tourist so why not! I was so hungry, but still i didn't really know what to eat cause everything was so exotic and i never tasted them before. In the end i just took pretty much everything what looked good.

After the breakfast we headed to skylounge what was on the top of the building where we had TV interview and some reporters were asking us some WoW community questions too. At first i was filmin the interview, but we had small break and we swapped seats with Nize. Most of the interview topics were to promote eSports in China and also to tell parents of the gamers that gaming isn't all bad like they seem to think. Community guestions were from taken from forums of various WoW sites. After the interview we went out side of the skylounge (32th floor) take some pictures and also the local dudes were telling stuff about the city. Gotta tell it was pretty awesome view eventhou it was raining season in Changsha so it was bit misty.



Next in schedule were dinner with all the players, was this huge room with full of tables full of top tier WoW players. I felt i was in the zone right there. Anyways the dinner, Fins (tourists) went straight to dessert table cause we didn't really know the pracality there (i bet the chinese dudes where like, damn those noobs...). After some time we realized that we were doing it wrong way... First eat your main dish then go for dessert... After eating our bellies full there was plenty of eager people who wanted to take pictures with us and ended up to give some autocraphs too.

Next in line was the main event:
I really can't even start to explain how FUCKING AWESOME was that, but i'll give it a try. They had this big ass stage on the hotel with huge screen on it and they played introduction video, what Paragon and FtH did for the trip. Once again i was really impressed about Maeils video editing skills, made us proud. You can watch the video here  There was lots of people from media, plenty of fans, players from all the chinese guilds and fth, rock band, dance act and arena game between Paragon, FtH, Stars, Aurora and dream team. Dream team won the battle! There was also "talkshow" what Arx took part of. I think i partially got blinded by the camera flashes and my wrist is dying due thousand autocraphs... Chinese people are damn crazy:). Thought entered to my mind "Is this what its like for most of the famous people" and damn i felt like superstar!


Anyways after the main event we went to Chairman Mao's old library what was now known as decorated restaurant. My first impression was "holy shit" when i saw this woman playing some kind of string instrument in the lobby of the restaurant. Sounded so damn good. We had more time to get more acquainted with people we met in the event. Im not 100% sure but i think that whole restaurant was only reserved to us, atleast that something i heard of, nothing too fancy... Again i was feeling like tourist, there was so much food i never seen before, but this time i was feeling bit more confident taking most of the "odd" looking food. After eating i was sure that i gain around 10kg of fat while im on this trip. Every meal is better than the last.




Exit plan:
 We went out side of the restaurant to wait for our bus. I was feeling little bit tipsy after all toasting we did back in the restaurant. Anyways we got in to the bus and busdriver comes in and asks "you guys going to Shanghai?". Everybody were like WTF, we were on wrong bus (i think some other people were tipsy too)... Finally we found the bus we were supposed to be in. I had really plesant trip even thou there was weird smell in the bus. Some people were saying that we just drove around the block since they swear they saw same building three times. I was busy talking with this sweet girl called Scarlette whole bus drive, so i really didn't mind that the bus trip took so long :). We got near to our bar so we jumped out of the bus and walked around 5-10 mins to the bar. There was two of Big Bosses bruisers waiting for us in the bar entrance, again i felt like DAMN SUPERSTAR! It was just like in movies. The Big Boss rented whole bar for us, which means free snacks, free booze and what ever you could wish for. There was lots of crazy shit going on that night, toasting, more toasting, lots of more toasting... The Big Boss was also singing there known chinese song, some players actually were singing with him in damn good spirits. I think best comment i heard from Jared "They coudn't walk or talk" i think he was refering to Nize! I found my self talking with Scarlette whole night and i feel like i have crush on her  <3. I also teached Scarlette how to slow dance and she did pretty damn good job.

After perfect day we headed back to hotel and went to sleep! I'd wanna add Shoutout to SOBERSHOCK! :)
*Big Boss = our host


OH bro ~ this one definetly reminds me lots of things happened i was in all of these parts feel like had a really long dream without the pictures i doubt whether it really happens

Let me assure you, it really happened ;)

Hi Deva!

This is Evan (nickname Seven),its an awesome blog! Nice to meet you!

That night in the loud bar I couldnot understand what you tried to teach me, we finally made it in the toilet!!! It sounds crazy and COOL to me on how to win male friends in Finland! LOL I was very tired and needed to attend one of my best friends'wedding 5 hours after we came out of the bar, so i could neither accompany you to the hotel nor the place Jared asked me to take you to, I've no idea whether George did, but I do hope you had a wonderful time in Changsha! Seven

Hello Seven was awsome to spend some time with you :) It's ok i was so hammered at the club cause i lost like 20 times in the row on drinking game, but i think i ment to show you how to fence! :) Yeah George took us to some nice spa and jesus it felt good!

Traditional Chinse instruments do sound good, as far as I can tell from these 12 Girls Band albums :)

Best of luck with the girl, mate!