Nize does China - part III

Eyyyyyyyyyyy! Here I am again for part 3 of my blog of China. Our actual plan is that everyone gets to pick a single day from our trip and write a bit more extensively about it but I decided to share some thoughts from the whole journey. My story of the first day was already a bit longish and it wasn't even my pick so I'll try to keep it simple from now on. (will probably fail.)

So day number 2. The event itself, interviews, dining, the bar. Nothing too fancy, riiight? The day started with a fat breakfast at the hotel and continued with a small interview + discussion with the participating teams and the boss (lead sponsor of the Chinese team Dream) which was recorded and televised aswell I think. The discussion covered topics such as what do the teams think of their opponents in the raiding scene, how's life outside the game and so on. I "participated" in the first part, meaning i just sat there with my mouth shut keeping a cool face on while the boss, arx and liQ did most of the talking. We switched seats with deva for the second part and I think he actually even opened his mouth once there which was nice.

Lunch -> more pictures -> I was interviewed for TV -> arx + xeno were interviewed aswell and forced to kiss for camera and give marriage speeches -> The event. The seriousness of this all hit me in the face once again as we stepped off from the elevator on the floor where the event was held. The crowd went crazy and everyone wanted to take pictures with us and I felt like a rockstar or something. :D We moved slowly to our seats and experienced the awesome intro videos teams had made. Must thank our player Maeil who makes our videos for once again creating a truly outstanding presentation in the short time he was given ( Seemed that the whole crowd loved it aswell. The show continued with this talk-show type of thing with the team leaders, pretty much the same we had earlier that day already. Also there were these dancers doing the WoW dances and I actually took part in this little dance competition where I had to mimic the moves of one of the real dancers. Yeah probably the most embarrassing thing I've done in a while. Then a high skilled 3k rated arena match between the team leaders and Dream's players. Some nice keyboard turning skills and total chaos, typical PvE players. ;) The event ended with us posing for another couple hundred pictures and signing a lot of autographs which felt pretty cool again.

Then a typical dinner for us. Private restaurant and that sort of stuff, yeah I do that all the time. Again it took me time to get in since everyone wanted to take pictures. Craaaaaaazy. After the dinner we took a tour aroud the city. I mean we were supposed to drive from the restaurant to the bar but the driver decided it was ok to drive around the block for an hour before admitting he was lost or something. In the end it was still worth the wait since the boss had again gone overboard with the service. Also I had a lot of time to chat with xeno and our German friends.

The upper floor of the bar was reserved for us and the drinks were free of charge. Bottles of whiskey were just waiting for us at the table aswell as some snacks + other drinks. The rest of the night we just chilled, chatted, drank, good times. Up to the point I can remember. :D Sorry I can't give you any juicy details of this night, I'll try harder on the second club visit. ;]

And the day after.................... Was surprisingly easy on me, I was shocked. Even visited the gym with my mentor deva and pumped some iron. Was a bit sad that our German m8s had to leave during that morning already but luckily one of them (liQ - HANS) stayed and filled us with his aura of awesome happiness. Or something. Also I ate a steak, yeah that one the picture, A STEAK they told me... Pretty much nothing else happened that day. Oh deva got his hands on liQ's iPad and played this roleplaying game for 7 hours straight or something, what a nerd.


i'm curious about your part 4 and part 5~~~ ^^

Hmm I wonder what happened then............................. ;)

seems this trip didn't attracted you too much huh ??
i was confused why the big boss didn't arrange you guys to watch a Kung Fu performance that's really awesome that's gona be something special about china's trip maybe next year you are lucky enough
can get another chance to china you'd better notice the big boss a little bit ^^

Omg didnt find time to do my blog :( Good read CHEESE!