Moonkin Guide for 4.3 Normal Modes

This guide only includes some tricks and tips for the bosses in Dragon Soul normal mode, and some info about the spec, glyphs and tiers. There is nothing about the tricks and tips concerning our rotation, and you can check it out from another site.

Spec: Along these lines, you can play around with it a bit, but that is generally what you'll want for Dragon Soul

Glyphs: Glyph of Wrath, Glyph of Insect Swarm and Glyph of Moonfire are the Prime glyphs you'll generally want. There are some bosses where you can use Glyph of Starsurge over Glyph of Wrath.
There is two Major glyphs you'll want, Starfall and Rebirth. The third one is your own choice.

Tiers: Tier 12 4-set bonus is really strong and I suggest you to stick with it unless you're going to get a huge item level boost from Tier 13 (for instance if you get a new haste breakpoint with those items). Tier 13 2-set bonus is a static DPS increase, its stronger than than Tier 12 2-set, but weaker than Tier 12 4-set.
Tier 13 4-set has its uses in a very simplified rotation, but when using the tricks moonkins have in their rotation, its value very small (couple hundred DPS).


Introduction: A single target fight which involves a lot of movement, simply put a nightmare for moonkin DPS. However, your utility is probably enough to guarantee a spot in the raid.

Tips: Movement is big part of the fight, so wise usage of Travel Form, Stampeding roar, Dash and Wild Mushrooms will increase your personal DPS and your raid's DPS by quite a lot.
Trolls save your second or third (depends on your raid DPS so you just have to go and see it yourself) Berserking for the last phase which starts at 20% .
Also remember to use barkskin almost on every CD to mitigate as much damage as possible.


Introduction: Another single target fight with a little bit of movement and random knockbacks. Just another not so moonkin friendly fight, but our utility once again gives us a raidspot.

Tips: Stampeding Roar when the ping pong ball is going in somewhat weird direction helps the raid movement and thus increases the raid DPS.
Barkskin and passive mitigation during ping pong ball and phase two are awesome and helps the healers.
Tranquility during phase two, and the healers will thank you (and you'll get a good excuse for doing so "lousy" DPS).

Introduction: A single target fight with some random adds (Finally!). The on demand AOE damage together with your damage reduction and utility makes the boss a good one for moonkins.

Tips: The boss consist of colored globules, and each one has different tricks you can use.
The globules spawn on sides, so using Stampeding Roar on every CD will help the raid to reach their kill target faster.

Glowing Globule - Tranquility and Barkskin are your tools for this globule.

Cobalt Globule - this one is a bit tricky as it drains your mana. However there is two ways to get mana back, one of the two obviously being innervate. The other one is keeping yourself one spell away from eclipse, once the mana drain has ended you can just cast the missing spell and get all the mana you need from euphoria.

Crimson Globule - Random damage is random, you can use your Barkskin here if you want.

Dark Globule - The awesomest globule there is (moonkin DPS wise). All you need to do is to make sure you're in solar eclipse and spam mushrooms together with dots.

Acidic Globule - Stampeding Roar can be used here if you have the cooldown for it, same with Barkskin and Tranquility.

Shadowed Globule - Just remember to NOT HEAL.


Introduction: Mostly a single target fight with a lot of movement, some adds, on demand damage and damage mitigation. All in all not the best fight for a moonkin, but definitely not the worst either.

Tips: Normal phase is pretty simple, just nuke the boss while soaking Ice lances and multidotting Ice Tombs.

Frozen Tempest phase: Running around the platform dotting and nuking Binding Crystals. Stampeding Roar will once again help your fellow raid members to get a few extra casts. You however won't have much trouble staying in front of the ice, use travel form and Dash when needed. Just remember to keep all you movement DPS abilities (starfall and mushrooms) on CD.

Lightning Storm phase: Damage mitigation is a bit part of this phase so use your Barkskin and Tranquility here. You can dot both Bound lightning Elementals and use your Stampeding Roar to help the raid spread  Lightning Conduit to Crystal Conductors.

Trolls save your Berserking for the end of both phases, as the boss takes double damage for a short period of time.

Glyphs: Glyph of Starsurge can be used here over Glyph of Wrath to gain potential DPS in the burn phases and multitarget situations.


Introduction: a Single target fight with lots of incoming damage, even when moonkin is not the best single target DPS spec, this specific fight is actually pretty great for us. Owlkin Frenzy is the key, 10% extra damage having very high uptime is something others don't have.

Tips: make sure you have Owlkin Frenzy in your spec and barkskin on cooldown + use Tranquility whenever your healers call for it. You need to focus on one thing only (besides your rotation), the usage of Heroic Will, so have it in a good bind.

Introduction: As the ship reaches the sky, moonkins are in heaven.

Tips: Multidot is the word for phase one, having pretty much constantly four targets that you can dot is just awesome, nothing more i can say about that.
Movement in this fight hurts our DPS very little, if at all, which just makes the fight even better for us.
Soaking Twilight Barrages and Twilight Onslaughts with Barkskin helps the healers and Stampeding Roar helps the raid to get there in time.

Phase two: Multidot both, Gariona and Warmaster Blackhorn. Save your CD's for this phase (yes, I'm generally speaking to trolls) and just nuke the boss (and Gariona as long as she is up there) while avoiding Shockwaves.

Spec: Twilight Sappers can be pre-slowed with mushroom slow (if you want to have it in your spec). However there are better classes for this job.

Glyphs: Glyph of Starsurge can be used in this fight for potential gain in AOE DPS in phase one (and phase two when Gariona is still there)

Introduction: While still being on the sky, the platform is a little bit shaky, which perfectly reflects moonkins' performance on this boss. Awesome AOE while still having some not so moonkinish on demand damage situations.

Tips: multidot everything you're allowed to, mushrooms can be used on Corrupted Bloods whenever you're allowed to kill them.
Barkskin should be used when Amalgation die, when you're doing Barrel Roll and when you get gripped by the tentacles.

Trolls save berserking for Burning Tendons.

Glyphs: Glyph of Starsurge can be used to get more Starfalls, however it all depends on your tactic.

Good luck to Dragon Soul normal modes.


I wonder which one has higher average DPS,moonkin or hunter ?

Thanks Lappé for this great guide , its not too long and still informative.

from one of your biggest fans, Twisting Nether - EU Sonadre.

can anyone make a guide for feral dps I'd be greatfull