25H progress update: 8/8

We'll update this post as we progress further.


WOOT! Go Paragon Go!

Very nice. I guess you hoped for 6/8 to catch up with the rest on Day 1, but 5/8 is already very impressive. Good luck today and for the rest of the race.

No niin, näyttäkääs ettei Blizzardin hidastusyritykset yksinkertaisesti tuota tulosta ja pyyhkäskää BL, Vodka yms progresslistojen perälle... Vähän niinkuin http://naurunappula.com/z/551385 malliin... :D

Good luck as soon as you get spine down first, think you will have it in the bag!


Ignore all the drama and do what you do best. DREAM Paragon>Blood Legion, by far. I have no doubt we'll see you on top again, gogo guys!

comeon paragon t will be the best comeback in raidings history if your going to do this :-D your the ELITE OF THE ELITES

comeon paragon it* haha helps if your keybord works :-D

World 1 for Paragon!!! the rhyme is fine

Go EU guys please do it world #1 Paragon #1

hoping for a world 2nd spine and world 1st madness, just for the lulz :D

Well done ! How many raids are you guys running? It seems that all your mains are not playing the same raid ID,.. ? I am wrong?

Harmillista että teiltä jäi toi eka spine tappo ottamatta . noh onnea nyt kummiskin ton Maddnessin kanssa.

2 ID´s a Week for only a single Region?! They come along with almost 22-Legendary´s?! BLIZZARD is doing everything wrong, they are so FAIL without any exception :((

C'mon guys! Go go go!!

(Can't take the freaking tension... o_0)

Yeah they have 2 ID resets so technically they dont count :P

Looks like 2 guilds have killed the spine now and both from the korean servers.

Nah, they definitely count.

what is it ther makes spine so hard for EU and US guildes that some of the top top top guildes in the world keep fighting for a kill on it when 2 KR guilds take it down now ?

If two EU guilds had 7/8 right now, would you be asking what makes the fight so hard for US and KR guilds?

Hello. Guys. Korea Server 즐거운 공격대 Heroic Rage of Deathwing Down 12月 20日 18:34 8/8

sry. Heroic Madness of Deathwing.

KIN Raiders. Heroic Madness of Deathwing Down.
World First.

You guys deserve not to come first for exploiting the LFR bug.

I used to look up to you guys with such pride. I thought you guys were amazing.

There is no need for so many people to post saying who got World First, I am sure Paragon can see for themselves without 10+ posts on their website about it.

Regardless of who got World First, Paragon are still incredibly skilled raiders and hope you guys can finish before the US =P

즐거운공격대 8/8 hc 25

they had 2resets per week so obv they can make it faster as their gear is better way faster than EU/US players.

Not for DS, stop trying to make excuses. They won fair and square, it doesn't mean Paragon is any less of a guild because they're not.

Rantsi - They do not get 2 resets per week. That is only for previous Tier Bosses...

didnt you heard that they had around 6Legendary staff's for the maddness? and yes i had an 'typox' on my old comment. 2resets for Firelands pretty much helped em get their 6staff's right?...

grats. GoGo World 2nd before Christmas :p

Well done, Paragon!
8/8H next. You can do it!

wow 6 staves... can u plz stop commenting here?

Is it over?! No King rules forever, my son!!! ^^

Unfortunalety we will never know, wheather DREAM Paragon would have done World 1st without the 8-Day-Bann!

now say thank you to the kind korean's for the lovely kill video. I do believe that it would be the mature thing to do.

I doubt we need to do that, seeing how we had a ~1% wipe with last week's gear, and their video offering nothing we hadn't thought of before. They obviously did a very nice job with killing it first though :)

Lawlz i am sure that it did

where are your povs from spine??? GZ

Grats on the kill. I feel a world second Madness coming. Good luck!

Congrats on your progress! =) Fight to the end and reclaim your crown in the next tier!

While I'm all for rooting for you guys, it's nice to see an Alliance guild on top for a change. Not that you Hordies aren't any less lovable, of course. You've got taurens who are by any standard the epitome of cuddly. =)

Taiwaneille toinen madness tappo HC 25m. Joululoman pitäminen ei tainnut olla mikään paras idea :E .

I don't know why people are bugging them about not getting world first on spine.. They were down for a week and the guilds that downed it before them did use a pretty big exploit. Spirit Link totem gets rid of the debuff. Thats why Kin used 4 restoration shamans.

quite funny for Blood Legion to beat Paragon. disappointed

They only had an 8 day head start.

and they had 8day headstart becos paragon got banned from Exploiting maybe ^^ ?