First blog entry ever!

This is my first blog entry ever! Uhm, im not really sure what should write in here, so i think ill start by introducing myself. My name is Niko and im 26 years old. I study in Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. My hobbies are gym and wow, they call me Devai the hunter.

Okay enuff with the bullshit, I want to get you guys down to the zone with Faint, which is one of my favorite songs. OKAY ENUFF.

Im super excited about the upcoming trip to china! It has always been on of the dreams to visit China. When i was young kid i used to draw pictures from my historybook to my notebook, medieval knights, anchient chinese archers, great wall of china all of that shit!I have allways loved mythical and anchient things and china has them both, what's not to love in china :).

Culture shock will be stunning for me, new habbits, LOTS of people (ChangSha over 6 million ppl living in there, my city has 35k ppl...), new language and not to speak of CHOPSTICKS! Never actually eaten with chopsticks so, i prolly starv there or poke my eye balls with the sticks or something similar. Anyways its all about the experience, how many of you never wanted to eat with chopsticks? All i know i WANT to! 

Can't be more glad that its allmost summer (+20 celcius) in China so i can actually wear in my confortable shorts and stick my winter coat someplace where sun ain't shining! I mean who doesn't love wind, snow, cold and wet sleet? Seriosly any takers? No ?

Couple words about previous days:

It has been hectic every possibly way. Been doing 7 courses and my thesis at the same time (not good combination...) and my goal was finish the thesis before we leave to this awesome trip, but i failed miserably :). Finished 3 of my courses thou! Been blast with hassling with Visa applications, vaccinations, insurances and taking care of all that necessary shit before you can actually and enjoy your self. Still managed to get my ass in to gym 4 times in week what felt really bad in the end.

No contest.

I feel it in my gut that this will be the most epic trip in my life. I have Arx, Xeno, Xodan, Synti, Nize companying me and punch of FtH guys, who im excited to meet! I'll try to document as much of the trip i can and ill be updating the blogs from china if its possible. So stay tuned guys :)



ai vant jur cloothes, jur buuts ant jur motarcaikel!

But reminds me that I have to watch Commando again some time.

Nice introduction blog. 7 courses and thesis at the same time, u mad?

35k? Come on, last I checked we have 56k (big difference *cough*)

Are you from Seinäjoki ? :) Last time i checked it was around 35k... I think ur calculating nurmo and ylistaro too. Im speaking of seinäjoki!

Yeh deva I am..I actually study at the same place as you do...different subject though I'd guess. But yeh I counted the others too in that figure..but all the little places that belong to Seinäjoki officially the numbers goes up to 56k something

About the picture: Did you just wake up or did you try to look like a Chinese?

Was in dark room and somebody pop up in my face and took picture with flash... So either :) That night we were drinking and had small paragon meet in my place, and Ilo got beaten up by some random drunktard :D (random fact)

random awesomness!

Do we have some sort of random man-crush going on here, Nils? :)

How can you not have a crush on Deva?

That picture is from Kokkola, not Seinäjoki...

Just took some random picture where is shitloads of sleet, snow and water. Google pics ftw!

good morning mate :D
clock here is 10:25 and i started my morninng to read your blog xD get some pics from place where u are playing, btw epic trips of your life... u should get some list of those? :D :D :D just remembered your first bar trip :D

but have a good journey at there, what i belive it will be :)

welcome to Changsha, Deva:)

it's intesesting to see all of you guys using chopstick

Haha! In the end i claimed the tittle CHOPSTICK MASTER! :)

that's great i'm curious whether i can claimed the tittle of folk and knife master ~~~~