3 days before the trip

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it sing The Pointer Sisters, and I think I know how they felt when they wrote the lyrcis. Although I think they were singing about some inessential thing like boys and cuddling (just don't get me wrong here, I'm no man hater) and not about xeno going to China. But they still described me perfectly. I'm just like that, getting so excited and not being able to hide it at all when something awesome comes up. I also can't shut about it, so I'll try to write everything I'll experience during the trip in here, and then behave myself and leave it there. This is my first China blog entry, expect more updates after we leave. 

You know the small kids that know that they'll be bought icecream or they'll be able to go to a ball pit and they jump around and are noisy? We'll, I'm exactly like that at the moment, or would be if arx didn't keep me in control and jumping wasn't so god damn laborious. I can't help myself! And like I already said in the news post, going to China has been one of my biggest dreams ever, so you can just imagine how I'm feeling now. Actually, you'll need to imagine as I don't think I'll be able to describe it with words. If I absolutely had to pick one, I think I'd use crazy.

So, now there is only 3 days before our flight takes off from Helsinki-Vantaa airport and we've been super busy. Just today we spent 7, yeah _7_ hours walking around in the center of Helsinki and looking for this, that and _that_ (whatever it is, but _this_ still isn't good compared to it). I don't especially like being in huge crowds packed in shops but I guess I'll need to get used to it, as they say one of the reasons for a culture shock in China will be the amount of people around you. So, there won't be a quiet moment in your day, as ChangSha has over 6 million habitants, when Finland has a bit over 5 in total.

Tomorrow we'll have the main raid, the day after tomorrow our casual alt raid, and then I'll pack away wow, Finland, western food, euros, Finnish and spoons and forks. I still haven't realized completely that we are going, but I'm still trying to act accordingly. I and arx bought chopsticks yesterday and been eating with them ever since to get some training so we won't starve in China. I survived the first dinner but I'm still far away from being comfortable with them.



Hunan province in China



Wulingyuan, 270 kilometers from ChangSha in Hunan


Anyway, the temperature revolves around 0 here and it'll be around +20 degrees or more in China so we'll spend the 1 week trip in a lot warmer climate than we have here. Getting rid of my winter coat in advance will be nice. I'll post you a picture of our patchetic "spring" we have in Helsinki later, because it was already too dark when we got home. Yeah, you read right, that's how long we spent shopping and that's how fast it still gets dark in here. But not many things can bother me right now, as I know I'm about to leave for one of the best trips of my life, and I'll do my everything to make it as good as possible.

The song continues "I'm about to lose control and I think I like it". My plan is to lose it in China and enjoy every moment, ganbei everyone!


You really managed to transfer this excitement and pure joy into words, There is nothing else to but wishing all you guys an amazing time in China, and especially you for realizing an old dream.

Just be sure to document it as good as possible for us, so you can share with us :)

You last picture on the lake makes me want to go and enjoy and nice scenic boat ride, what a view!

The picture reminds me of the movie Hero, one of my favorite movies ever. The scenery and colors just blow your mind.

I haven't seen that one, I'll have to check it out!

It's a pretty good "wire fu" movie. Definitely one of the better ones, if not the best that I've seen of the genre.

haha, its just one of the beautiful sceneries in Hunan Province, I bet you have heard about Zhangjiajie, donot you? How about Fenghuang? :) etc, they all lie in Hunan, anyway, welcome you guys to come here. Im now living in Changsha! :D

I've been there.. the photo. :) It's even more spectacular than the photo. I felt like I'd fallen into a fairy tale.

Enjoy China, Xeno. I taught English there for a short while right after I finished uni. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. Just follow my advice: eat first, ask later. And... they do have spoons there. You won't starve. :) But you can get better with chopsticks with practice--you should see me! I can pick up a grain of rice!

Have fun... jealous... wish I was coming with... but very happy that you guys get to go. Make sure someone is recording! (Begs!)

Calm down, girl, calm down. Check the forecasting frequently. It is the raining season in Hunan so make sure having your umbrella with you. Beijing is sunny but windy.

Hope to see you guys soon in Beijing

Thanks for the tips, we've read the forecasts but were hoping to catch a bit of sunshine in Hunan as well. I'm still as excited tho, even rain can't stop it. But I'll try to calm down :)

Se you in Beijing Leonking, looking forward to it!

I am chinese, i can assure you that you wont regret about this trip, we have so many things to offer.
we have great food, ppl and cultures which r so far different from western.
just 1 tip, food in hunan province is kind of spicy, drink more water if u cant stand the spice^^
if u have the chance, try to go to other places as well, it is a good opportunity to experience more.
i think dreams would love to take you guys around.

Welcome! can't wait to see you guys here! :P

if you are excited to go to China, you should come to Brazil to see what is really exciting! Not that China isn't interesting

Now the trip is over and we got to live, love and experience China for 7 days. I'll post more blog entries about the trip soon-ish with pictures and everything. All the hype was definitely worth it!

it's a very nice picture i mean you ~~~
i'm very surprised you watched "hero" as well it's kind of hard to understand though

Thanks Pan ^^

I really like all those "wire kung fu" movies, especially since the directors seem to pay a lot of attention to the colors and other visual aspects of the movie. Also, all the Chinese movies which us the westerns know have subtitles, so I didn't need to try to understand what they spoke with my poor "ni hao"-level Chinese :)

hiya^^ Thank you for your chocolate ,it tastes sweet to our heart^^ You are always welcome to China anytime you want^^ As you can see, there are so many beautiful places that you havent been to. I think I will learn more words to do the translating things better^^Keep in touch^^All the best^^


PS:chinese name is Xiao Xilong. Xiao is the family name and Xilong is the first name^^