25HC - 6 / 7

Updating progress here.


Good Work all in Paragon :) You think you will take Ragnaros this week? :)

Keep it up Best guild in Eu

/Nadra-Frostwhisper EU

H:Baleroc seems to be a bit of a wall at present holding back everyone who has reached 4/7... does it appear to actually be a challenging encounter that will take some work, or are there bugs preventing a kill?

good work, keep it up!

Im cheering for you all :) keep up the good work and get those firsts :D

I expect alot of guilds to actually skip Baleroc since he is almost impossible to kill on heroic without BiS gear. The reason for it is because he has so much health, with only a 6 minute enrage timer. The average dps needed for the fight is around 33k, assuming you only go with 5 healers.

gogo Paragon! woohoo!!

I really hope you guys get Baleroc down and even 7/7 if possible. Blizz is clearly trying to delay the 7/7 on firelands after its release to make the content last longer. But this is not the way they should treat the issue.

wish you luck~~

Baleroc not that impossible looking at Method.
Give 25 Paragon!1! Not liking the 10-player crap you're at now :(

We're not doing 10 mans and we never will. Don't trust the ranking sites to detect the raid size correctly.

Good stuff \o/

Wowprogress inserted a tool to display it correctly, insert 12 names that logged out with kills on their name.
But gl in the race!

If you are thinking about the few 10-man kills that showed up earlier in normal mode, that was the "randoms" having fun in Firelands, not the real raiding group, who still do 25 as usual.

Grats on Baleroc! *cheer*

there we go ... gz :P

Not liking the 10-player crap you're at now :(
2/7 in 10-man and 5/7 in 25-man
IMHO 25 man raid is crap.

Go Paragon! :>

gratz for being so nolife continue! time will show you what!

I heard many pathetic and jelaous ppl like u... btw. I' m loling to the guys like you everyday :D

(gratz for being so nolife continue! time will show you what!) only pathetic and jelaous ppl says things like that idd ^^

gj paragon keep it going!

and 25 man is harder then 10 man for sure so 25 man is always more fun ^^

Keep us updated Paragon, All you need is 2 more bosses to take top spot for the 3rd tier in a row. That'll be a record since Nihilum.

gz to 6/7 :) P 4ever


Hope, Rag will be down till morning :) or till tomorow's night :P thumb up

keep up the good work guys :D the best US guils is still 1 boss behinde you :D and when will the be some movies up whit the kills?

Congratz to your 6/7, good luck for ragnaros!

Greetz from germany

Congratulations to your 6/7.
GL for Rag. And I'm hoping for the new video: )

Congratulation to ur 6/7.
If u dont stop blizz will start to cry . 2 week was all u need =)
Gratz from Chile

Good luck on Ragnaros, I'm sure you'll need it! I'll be looking forward to the kill video and nerd screams

Congratulations for your Majordomo kill!!

being a (curious) lock... may i ask you why you chose to do this without your warlocks?

Onneksi olkoon pojat, nyt vielä se Ragnarossi nurin!

Come on get that Raggy :D

Ragnaros gogo!!!

@Nollie ToC + ICC + 4.0 = 3

you guys are just unbeatable lol your taking ragnaros easy before method imo

who can beat paragon?

Paragon is at it again <3 Good luck with getting world first on ragnaros! :)

Good luck! Please be the first again to kill Rag!

Random guy said on method's facebook that paragon's killed ragnaros, let's wait for the confirmation
but it looks like it was just someone trolling~~

Go Paragon! Good luck killing Ragnaros!

Come on! You can do it guys! :)

The problem with him seems to be the enrage timer and the required dps per individual. He has a 6 minute enrage timer and with the current equipped gear your dps needs to have around 33k dps to beat this enrage timer. Which makes it very hard for alot of guilds.

good job!

RAG is dead?

Didn't Ensidia take Immortal?

World first Anub HC. World first end boss is world first end boss, forget Immortal. And i am not even a fanboy.

Карфаген блядь рулит =)

(World first Anub HC. World first end boss is world first end boss, forget Immortal. And i am not even a fanboy.)

Yes, it's no matter who got better achievement in TotGC encounter.

wondering why did u killed ragy on 10-man when diamondTear said .....We're not doing 10 mans and we never will. for more loot or ....

Gratz wf

to get world first 10 man you numbnuts