Keep updated on Paragon's progress

The race for t13 heroic modes is about to start and the final preparations have been made. Now we just have to wait. When the servers open on Wednesday we'll be going all out on Dragon Soul. Even when we won't be streaming our raids, you'll still be able follow Paragon's progress as the bosses die. 

For immediate information, join our IRC channel #paragon @ Quakenet.

We'll also be updating our kills on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

From these sources you'll be able to know what's going on before Armory, Wowprogress, or any other tracking site updates. Speaking about reporting progress, we are also honored to have Ladan writing her daily Raid Observer on our site. On the articles she of course reports the newest kills, but also talks about other aspects of the race. Check out her own website called Raiding Research for more information on her and the work she does.

Best of luck to everyone, and enjoy the upcoming race!

*edit, looks like we won't be storming Dragon Soul on Wednesday after all, so hold your horses*


*sipsit* 8)


where do you guys usually stream? even though you might not stream during the race but where do you stream on the farm content?

Paragon has never streamed normal raids, farm or progress. They've stated several times that they prefer to keep streams a "special occasion", i.e. for when they are invited to attend LAN events.

Can stream us playing Dota 2 for the heroic week 8)

I lol'd. Just admit you did this to make the race for the world first a bit more entertaining. You give some guild a one week advantage just to run them over afterwards

I'd love to see them come from behind a week and pull it off.