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Boy, do we have some big news today.

We are proud to announce our plans for the first ever annual Paragon Conference, or ParaCon for short, to be held in the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Finland, on October 17-18.


A comment from the main organizer, Pekka "Arx" Aaltonen:

Ever since Blizzard made public their plans not to hold a BlizzCon in 2012, we started planning a con of our own. A conference every year is an important beacon that gathers the community together, and now the responsibility falls on each of us not to dismiss that. As our competitive raiding budget has seen a steady increase over the last fiscal year, we decided to use our resources to remedy the situation. Furthermore, we actually have a number of very interesting articles to share with everyone, so what better opportunity to do so than at ParaCon 2012.


The exhibition centre is located roughly 16km from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, and is easy to reach by either public transportation or taxi. Accommodation suggestions and a list of noteworthy things to see in Helsinki will be released in the near future. The venue offers a full range of services from lavatory facilities to value dining restaurants. You can sign-up (requires forum account) for the event as an early access visitor, the first 200 being eligible for a free ticket, so act now!


Sign-up now!



Just so you'd know what to expect in the coming October, we wanted to give you a bit of a heads-up, so we decided to release previews of what you'll be able to see at ParaCon 2102 through the day, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the Paragon website to receive all the latest updates. 


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Mists of Pandaria: Brutal Edition


To put context to our other features, we can't keep this one in the bag. Please welcome Mists of Pandaria: Brutal Edition!

Throughout the development process of the new expansion, we have been adding our own features, changes, and content on the side for a co-release called the Mists of Pandaria: Brutal Edition, to provide everyone with the best possible World of Warcraft experience. MoP:BE will incur no extra costs for original Mists of Pandaria owners, and will only be available on select servers and regions. More details will be released soon, along with featured previews of some of the multiple enhancements we have put in place for MoP:BE. The Brutal Edition will be released when it's done, but we aim to co-launch with the first content patch of the original expansion, in the last quarter of 2012.

Join the brutal experience later this year!



Updates, click to find out more:


See you at ParaCon 2012!



Hahaha nice one

1st April, Check
But nice concept lol :p

I'm sorry but Paranition was way better April's Fool!
This was really just something to expect rather than to be surprised.
Still, for effort.

At this Event u guys are having, do u speak English also? :P
I'd come from Sweden to Finland to see this!! Worth it!

I'm totally excited !!!
Myself and a friend have bought cheap flight tickets from London to Finland !!
Now to book a hotel !!

Hotel booked !
Whoop whoop.

Oh, god, I hope you're joking...

Nah dude. I'm hyped up and ready for the show.
Going to be awesome !

It was an April Fool's joke?

Don't compute?
A good friend of mine(who is meant to be friends with a couple of Paragon members) said it was the real deal.
So yeah, ParaCon here I come !
Excited !

...I think we're all on very different pages...

Am I missing something here?

It's an April Fool's joke.

There's a tag in the article even saying it is.

Really? Or are you trolling me???

Look at the tag in the article...

Announcing ParaCon 2012 ?
Awesome !
I thought you was trolling me.

Finland here I come !!!



That isn't one of the tags.

The tags are "paracon" and "april fools'"...

Did you not get a ticket?
Are you trolling me because of this?

I'm sure they will have some on the door?

Oh, troll.


Happy late April fools dude !!!!!

Much love.

VDeadMonkeyV from Die Safe.

Already read it!

How it must be to raid with people who meld together so well.

Yeah dude, we are tight knit group but like every raid team we have our ups and downs.

So far we are 5/8 HC. Hopefully we will get Warmaster down this week.

Off topic: Pekka "Arx" Aaltonen, related to one my favourite hockey players or just a commen name in finland ;D