Resto help

Resto help

Post 15 Jun 2011 19:27

Avatar pconsorte
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Hello guys.
I need some help , can some resto druid Check my armory and tell-me what i need to change. ... e/advanced
I did all reforge Gems Enchants. but im still don´t like my heals.
Is that build a good one?
How can i improve my HPS.
That is my stat on
MP5:-1958.5 MP5
Time to OOM288.24 s
Next breakpoint: 1601+530 for 5th tick of RJ
Ty guys

Re: Resto help

Post 20 Jul 2011 15:24

Avatar MyCelarAD
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Please log out in healing gear atleast.

Other than that, your specc is a bit off imo:
- ''Improved rejuvenation'' 3/3 you should deffenently go for.(Why would you go for Swift Rejuvenation, which btw is a really good talent, and not go for 3/3 in Improved Rejuvenation)
- You should specc ''Nature's Swiftness''. it's amazing after the buff.
- Remove some talents in ''Living seed'' and go for 2/2 Empowered Touch
- Talk to your other healers about ''Nature's Cure'' I can only find it usefull for resto druid on Ragnaros if somebody fuck up on ''Sulfuaras Smash'', and you need a really quick dispell on him/her.

I really doubt it's worth it to use Glyph of Innervate after the nerf. Now it works like this:
- Use it on yourself = 20% of your own total mana.
- Use it on a target (With glyph) you get 10% of your total mana, and he get 5% of HIS total mana.
Use Glyph of Healing touch instead after respeccing Nature's Swiftness. It's just way better.

- Celar @Argent Dawn EU