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Post 15 Apr 2010 13:29

User avatarJhazrun
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Hello again, Zylix, and good to see you, Abn,

Zylix wrote:Do you think it would be more viable for me to go Holy offspec and heal Sindragosa as Holy? I will go pick up the Purified Lunar Dust immediately then if you feel its a better upgrade then the MCR Chest as of now.

I do not believe you're going to get enough out of Holy for the swap to be worth it. Go ahead and do what you can with Discipline.

Both the Dust and the Raiment are powerful items, so it would not feel out-of-place for you to to choose either slot to upgrade first. I would regard the 90+ Mp5s of the Dust as swinging the balance in its favor, however.

Abn wrote:1) like sindagrosa HM,
i don't find CoH PoM Close enough to Heal the raid in p3, only had about 5Trys on him yet, 3 in p3, Are you useing PoH or just renewing anyting together with CoH and PoM? could be far enough?
Team setup healers 1priest(me) 1paladin, 1 Shamy, some times 1 duird insted of the shamy.

2) Lich king hm,
never been on this yet but what i been seeing around the forurms is that a Dics priest is perf for this Fight? can't it be done with a holy priest?, don't think that infest gives the big of a Problem as you PoH/CoH the raid same sec and will get anyone on 100% again, ofc you will leave one behinde you can Flash heal up, or is it just one of the Fights you can't be holy? ;)

2) gemming as holy.
what i gem is Socket Bonus, SP/sprit Gems or SP/Int gems i just think i can ship all the gems in the Red socket and get pure SP in it?. mana is not a problem atm.

The raid is coherent enough at Sindragosa for Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending to reach their full potential. If I do opt to add Prayer of Healing to the filling, it won't be with Serendipity (as Flash Heal isn't much beyond a waste of a GCD).

The Lich King does indeed play favorites, the Infest mechanics lining up flawlessly with those of Power Word: Shield. Even if Holy was/is capable of consistently neutralizing Infest, it falls short of Discipline in just about every other aspect of the encounter, too. So while I'm sure it's doable, I can't imagine why one'd want to.

Gem-wise, the standard Holy kit is SP, SP-SPI, and SP-Haste in Red, Blue, and Yellow, respectively.
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Post 15 Apr 2010 13:33

User avatarxenophics
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Healzer wrote:I had a question for xenophics on his rotation. I use the cookie cutter cast sequence.

I'm not sure if I understood correctly but do you actually have the sequence macroed or what did you mean by that?

The standard "what you should be doing" is to apply shadow word pain when you have shadow weaving at 5 stacks (+all other necessary buffs/debuffs are up). Then always keep vampiric touch and devouring plague ticking (never clip the last ticks). Use mind blast when it comes ready without clipping or delaying vt, dp of mf. Rest of the time mind flay like hell. The most important thing is to always keep on casting something.

Edit: as I've said before is your best friend!

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Post 15 Apr 2010 19:13

Avatar Zylix
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Both the Dust and the Raiment are powerful items, so it would not feel out-of-place for you to to choose either slot to upgrade first. I would regard the 90+ Mp5s of the Dust as swinging the balance in its favor, however.

Ok I will buy the Lunar Dust first. I also offspecced into holy last night for Sindragosa and we got her down pretty quick with me as holy! Lich King tonight, hope it works out haha.

Edit: Also what trinket would you replace the broodmother or the talisman(alot of mana on that trinket)

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Post 15 Apr 2010 21:17

User avatarJhazrun
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Glad to hear that, Zylix,

Neither trinket is overwhelmingly superior for Discipline, but if made to choose it'd be the Eye I'd put to sleep, myself. Holy, on the other hand, will favor said one over the Talisman.

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Post 15 Apr 2010 21:24

Avatar Zylix
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Thanks Jhazrun! Appreciate all your time, if I have more questions I know where to come =]

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Post 15 Apr 2010 23:39

Avatar Phyrio
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I would like your opinion on the tradeoffs, for a raiding Discipline priest, between gemming stamina and gemming spirit- essentially between Glowing Dreadstone and Purified Dreadstone.

The arguments for Purified would be it's mana regen and conventional wisdom.

The arguments for Glowing would be it's potential help against raid damage of any type, and that mana is not necessarily in demand in WotLK.

For example, in my current gear set I use five blue sockets. The tradeoff, then, is between 75 stamina (pre buffs) and 50 spirit.

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Post 16 Apr 2010 00:19

Avatar Healzer
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yeah i do all that and then some it seems. also what do you recommend for gear choices?


Post 16 Apr 2010 02:02

Avatar Aleatha
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Firstly gratz on your world first, i saw the efforts in movie and was amazing with one word :)

Well i'm playing as holy and also disc where it's needed.

My question will be about Prayer of Healing.

As a holy priest, i use empowered and glyphed Renew, CoH and PoM type of healing in raids. I dont use Flash Heals so much or i use it whenever it procs from Surge of Light or where u need to spam it like Profesor Phase3 on tanks. And i just use it PoH before when a predictible AoE dmg gonna come.

So isn't Serendipity 3/3 a waste? :)

Also due to my healing i can gem it for max SP + INT/SPI instead of SP + Haste gems. I mean i'm thinking the gear haste with shammy totems will be enough already due to my healing. So am i right or i'm thinking bad : /


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Post 16 Apr 2010 12:47

Avatar domtheskater
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hi all grats on your heroic 25 kill i got a question for Jhaz. For the holy spec you use would you recommend using pure SP gems like you do for both of your specs or using intellect and spirit or haste +SP gems (for LK 25 and heroic mode progress) ... mtheskater
Armoury link for referance if needed look forward to your reply :)

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Post 16 Apr 2010 17:48

Avatar Daedra
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As a Discipline priest going into the heroic Lich King encounters soon enough, is stacking spellpower in my gem slots the way to go?
Are there conditions were it is better to gem say SP/INT, just an example.

Sorry if this has been answered in a previous thread/post I could'nt find anything on it.

Thanks in advance.