Paragon's view on Shamans

Paragon's view on Shamans

Post 20 Jan 2011 19:07

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There is a discussion currently taking place at MMO-Champion in the Shaman forums in regards to how Paragon views Shamans, DPS or heals? Specifically, why there were no Shamans present for the Sinestra kill. ... estra-Kill

If you do not want to read the thread and continuing assumptions... here are some of the posts:

Initial post by Sham4life
"So does anyone else hope that this will open blizzards eyes that shamans are falling behind everyone else. Now don't get me wrong I love ele right now and I feel we are in a good place (don't play resto or enh so I don't know about them), but there was not a single shaman in that raid. Now granted they may have all been gone that night or unavailable or it is just not a shaman friendly fight (because there shamans have been in most of there other 25 H kills), only they know the situation. If that is not the case however maybe they have found that there shamans just weren't preforming as well as other classes. I hope I am wrong and one of the above options is true but if this starts to become a trend I will fear the worst. How does everyone else feel about this? Thoughts? Concerns?"

A reply from Radux
"People need to realize that these guys are cutting edge. They have alts upon alts for a reason. If 1 dps spec/class or healing spec/class isn't cutting it and switching them out for someone else solves them problem then they will. Now I'm sure they could have done it with some Shaman, but that wasn't the point. They wanted to do it first. If that meant doing it with the FotM class/spec combos then that's what they'll do.

Notice they have only 1 warrior. Who wants to bet they were there for the 5% crit buff (rampage).

Moral of my story is that people shouldn't be discouraged because 1 guild (who happens to be top in the world) didn't use Shaman on 1 cutting edge kill. Will they use Shaman in the future? Probably. Will other guilds use them on their server 1st or guild 1st kills? Yup."

A post from zYN
"About the shaman thing.. well, for once the whiners got it right. It's because enha/ele both do poor DPS when compared to other classes. As for Restoration shamans, we just didn't need Mana Tide in the fight. Usually we bring one for that, occasionally two."

Any feedback would be welcomed!

Re: Paragon's view on Shamans

Post 20 Jan 2011 19:18

User avatarKyy
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shaman = useless

resto = useless if you don't need tide
ele = useless compared to demo lock if fight has lots of movement or aoe. And if you already have 10% sp from demo why wouldnt you take mage, hunter or warlock which will do better dps
enha = useless

if you want bit longer version check: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1575

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