Balance Druid Ultraxion

Balance Druid Ultraxion

Post 13 Jan 2012 08:26

Avatar xthaliax22
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After weeks of raiding in Dragon Soul I find that I'm still having issues with my Ultraxion performance. I am currently a part of a 10 man raiding guild, Blood Runs Cold. I realize that not having Owlkin Frenzy plays a part in the lack of damage output. We've recently added a Demo Lock to our group for the 10% SP buff/DI. In previous weeks our casters were not getting the full SP buff, so this has obviously helped some(along with being given DI). After reviewing my armory I've noticed that my mastery could be a little higher than it is now. I have been doing some research on how to help my low mastery problem. I do not have Dragonwrath available to me atm, but I am currently on the quest line. I have also been hoping to get my hands on the Lightning Rod staff. These two staffs would allow me to reforge my hit rating into mastery without sacrificing a valuable stat and would more than likely solve my problem. The only bad thing is trying to get Lightning Rod to drop. I know I am well above my last haste breakpoint, and the next one is realistically out of reach for me, so I was looking for any reforging suggestions or general suggestions regarding Balance Druid DPS on Ultraxion.

Maybe more mastery would be the key to success since I can't really squeeze out any more haste? On a side note, I have been using the Glyph of Focus. Would this seem viable for Ultraxion?
Below is my armory link: ... a/advanced

Thank you for your time and consideration :)

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Post 16 Jan 2012 09:51

Avatar SybanDraenor
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well.. if you know you are way past the breakpoint why not reforge some haste to mastery?

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Post 17 Jan 2012 03:37

Avatar Balanced
Posts: 5 should get you closer to the hit cap.
glyph is focus speaks for itself on a fight like that.
you are currently ad 3052 haste it says, closest breakpoint(w/o DI) is 3101. if you have DI you are well over indeed
but still it shouldnt be worth reforging haste to mastery.
your lowish mastery shouldnt be much of a dps problem i think(was comparing with myself am just a bit higher but forgot i still have Necromantic Focus so i wouldnt kno for sure)
what killed my dps on that fight(i used to raid 25's) was fps xD make sure you can play smooth and i gues that one hander was an upgrade but crit rating makes my eyes bleed if u can avoid it :< so i hope that staff drops for you

all i can come up with hope you find something that helps

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Post 17 Jan 2012 05:04

Avatar xthaliax22
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@ Balanced, Crit makes my eyes bleed as well xD. I haven't seen the spirit/haste dagger or the staff from hagara, so it was the next best thing since I was using the Branch of Nordrassil. Hopefully one of the two will drop and i can get rid of that mace :) Speaking of your armory, I was hoping to do a comparison of my own if you don't mind linking it :) thanks!

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Post 22 Jan 2012 12:11

Avatar Anami
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I hate that fight too as a boomkin.

I don't know how late you press the button to zone when hour of twilight but try to squeeze some casts there and press < 1 sec. Also if you see you won't make it to ur next eclipse without ur dots falling off, try to refresh them right before nature's grace falls and when you're still in eclipse.

I'm not sure about the glyph of starsurge, when you have 4 set so can't help you there but try to do some LFR(ultraxion) and try both wrath glyph and starsurge i'd say.

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Post 14 Feb 2012 00:42

Avatar rayray
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Get bigwigs,

Set it to Emphasize the Hour of twilight CAST and Light debuff on yourself. Then just press button when the woman says "One" and simple tunnel on your rotation the rest of the time. Changing a little bit of master/haste around wont increase your dps much. Practice on a target dummy and optimize your rotation.

Go with MAX haste reforges with hit cap. Mastery is not too useful for single target, only for fights with either haste buffs or extremely heavy AOE.

TIPS to increase dps:
Some of the easy subtle things are to get at least 1 starsurge in Lunar, try to hold a starsurges that proc near the end of an eclipse and use it as the first spell after leaving the eclipse. Since the first instant spell after leaving an eclipse is eclipsed. Also make sure you when you go into a new eclipse, make sure u cast 1 starfire or wrath respectively before applying dots. These things become second nature once you practice a lot and you will see a dps increase.

Ultraxion specific things: Watch your dots carefully you may want to refresh them before leaving an eclipse because of the delay caused by clicking the button sometimes. Just make sure they don't fall off when ur out of the twilight zone.

Some of these things are considering I still use my heroic t12 gear. I can push around 39k on ultraxion heroic without a legendary with ilvl 394~ using the Normal Will of unbinding/Necromantic Focus.