Druid Aggro

Druid Aggro

Post 12 Aug 2010 08:54

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Hey, sorry if this question has been asked, i checked but i may have missed it..

I am a bear tank in H ICC 11/12 and i have some aggro issues keeping bosses off of certain players, one in particular is a fury warrior using shadowmourne. most of my problem seems to be if i do not have a tricks or MD for the first 30 seconds he is right on my ass. i use FFF on CD, and mangle too, 5 stack lacerate and swipe to burn rage. always having maul qued. is there anyway i can generate better aggro, im am completely lost at what more to do.

Here is my armory link if you want to check it over
http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... &cn=Grills

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Re: Druid Aggro

Post 15 Aug 2010 09:22

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Looking at your gear, talents, and rotation its hard to say what u can really do, other than using enrage at the start for the extra damage, and if you dont have tricks or MD then ask your paladins to use salvation on some players on the pull.

With the 30% extra damage and Shadow mourne fury warrior its gonna be difficult at the best of times