Progress update: Chimaeron 25-man heroic mode

And Chimaeron is dead as well.


Congratulation on this but we made a post on and it seems that method is faster can you confirm that?

gratz from México, again top guild

gratz from México

Please someone ban this guy

gratz from italy
its method vs paragon now :)

I havent seen method up there competing / claiming world firsts for some time good to see :) ....but we all know paragon are going to win the race.


freedom of speech br0

I trust what MMO says so Paragon got world first, This boy saying they didnt is a fail troll.

Yes, Method managed to kill it 1 minute faster then Paragon, but does that matter? I don't see any point of getting hyped up over the first kills on the first bosses. We'll see who gets the world first on the end bosses :)

Method got the world first, stop being so mad, fanboys.... Not even paragon is as mad as you guys are right now... so Stfu, Method deserved a world first.

Method won this time, they deserved it. So these fanboys just gotta keep their mouth shut :)

Ha! Look at mmo again and you'll see that even Boubouille does mistakes sometimes ;) Not everyone is fail troll -.-

No, Method got it first I'm pretty sure. And by all means they deserve it; we didn't do anything in the past 3 days while they were constantly trying to kill Chimaeron.

Atleast we got the fresh reset on Wednesday and could mop up the "easy" hardmodes in bit more than a few hours each.

Method wins! i read it on mmo champ, 1 min. oh man xD but wayne both guilds are great

you should start checking wowprogress as well, takes less time than typing your commentary

@Celticz fail

but know you can post the same

I trust what MMO says ...

method did get world 1st by 1min, mmo has confirmed so he is right! still, gratz tho

you'll just have to beat them by 1 min when Dragonslayer comes and the Deathwing battle begins!

Another great achievement!

Respect from holland

and ofcourse: "Ausso Taunta"!

"Look at me, i love Paragon cause they got so many world firsts and are WTFPWNSAUCE! Lololol. Method can suck it!"
Method got this World first by 1 min. Trolls will be Trolls and Fanboys can Shut up and be glad for other guilds.
I do not care who get's world first of Sinestra, but whoever does, i will be cheering on. (that and hoping someone does 'I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome i am' Achievement. A One shot kill to Sinestra without anyone dying.

are we all overlooking Ensidia? Check it they got it two days before eighter of then did. so GG.

I'm just glad that it's Paragon and Method that are neck-and-neck in heroic modes. Method has been a friendly, world-class guild since forever, but they haven't really been in the world-wide spotlight since Lady Vashj. I'm personally cheering them on, even though I have great respect and admiration for Paragon. Either way, I'm happy Ensidia has fallen by the wayside (funny that their 10-man is currently behind Paragon's/Method's 25man).

A 1-minute time difference in a world first kill is exciting to see, and I'll enjoy witnessing the rest of the race. Even though I am cheering Method on, I would be very happy to see either guild win this race. Good luck Method/Paragon!