New Raid Observer Round Table (including Arx!)

So I've been thinking a lot about the 25-man raiding decline. I've blogged about it a bit... I've put a poll up... and then I decided to host a round table discussion about it. Arx agreed to participate to bring his perspective as a long term raider and member of Paragon. I think we had a pretty good discussion, particularly as I involved panelists from the mainstream raiding scene as well. After all, it's not the top tier of raiding that's really seeing a decline in 25-man raiding, this is more of a mainstream problem. Anyway, do enjoy! Arx even trolls me in the first part of the interview! (Revenge will be mine!)


I really enjoy listening to the Raid Observer. Lots of relevant topics and some nice discussions regarding the state of the raiding scene and the future of WoW. Overall, a big thumbs up.

However, lately I find Ladan's "auto-responses" increasingly inappropriate and misplaced. Surely, not every answer can be "a really interesting point". :) The reason for Arx' trolling being so brilliant was the fact that the usual auto-reply of "a really interesting point" gave it full effect. Don't get me wrong, I find a lot of the responses fairly interesting when it relates directly to the discussion at hand, but could you please mix it up a bit. :)

Otherwise, great shows. Keep them up.