A new FL boost run winner and an interview

The competition for the second run in Firelands ended yesterday and we have now picked the winner and contacted him. Congratulations! We'd like to thank everyone who participated in giving us speed run tips, there were many funny and insightful comments.

Still, some comments gave us the feeling that some people hadn't watched the run at all! Some suggested that after Morchok and some other bosses we should have had a guy running to the next boss and summon. We actually did that, as well as other things like potting for trash.

Here are some highlights of the funny comments that really made us smile: "More druids", "you should have Usso taunting", "You lacked people from Turku (a city in Finland) "I blame your transmogsets, u had wrong fashion suited up" "put sauna on, few bottles of vodka and you'll forget your problem".

The more insightful comments talked about different tactics for spine, more risk taking overall, and better class stacking (like 5 rogues on spine). Also one guy mentioned we should focus only on our game and not follow what others were doing. This was one of the golden ones, as that's exactly what we did and I think that's why the run went so good for us. It's right we didn't win, but we proved ourselves that we can do speed runs as well, a thing we haven't ever really been interested in before.

Again thanks to everyone who participated and a special thanks to those who really put time and effort to analyzing the events of the speed run and giving us tips based on that. We appreciate it.


After our last run in Firelands our previous winner Javeliin was kind enough to answer a couple of questions about the run and how it went.

You participated in our quiz, what motivated you to do that and what did you think of the questions?

I thought it would be fun to try answering the questions and see how I'll fare out. I follow the raiding scene quite closely (fancy words for stalking websites and armories) and have picked up a lot of useless information along the years. I didn't really believe that I'd get the most correct answers when I knew that I flunked at least 2 questions. The only really hard question in my opinion was the one about "who started the latest?".


What did you think about the run itself?

The run was pretty smooth and painless (1 wipe!!!). I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the raid consisted of some people who haven't played WoW for weeks or even months. I felt "special".

A wipe!


What kind of run did you ask for from the boost team?

I only wanted a basic heroic-mode clear for my alt character (though if Tauno was in the raid I would've also made him swim in lava for the 2 hours). I wasn't interested in the achievements since I've already done them on two characters.


How was the experience, did you like it (and was the loot god in your favor)?

It was huge fun, it was kind of exciting to raid with a new group even though the instance itself wasn't anything new to me. It was neat to chat with some Paragon members and just chelax and have fun. The loot god didn't shun me totally and gave my priest heroic shoulders+pants tokens, Ko'gun, Shannox ring and some offspec loot (also Eternal Embers for vendoring spec). Too bad Alysrazor didn't feel like dropping her mount, atleast got the Ragnaros one!


The new mount


Thanks to Javeliin for the run (and fun) we had with him, and welcome to our newest winner! To everyone, keep an eye on our Facebook page and you'll know when the next competition is.