China trip blogs

As promised, all of our six members traveling to China will be updating their own blogs from the trip. For those who are interested in reading what's going on in ChangSha and Beijing will get almost daily updates from us in form of text and of course pictures. The blogs will be linked to this post when the people make their first entry. If you meet us during the trip please share your experiences and possible pictures in this news topic. See you in China.


Member blogs:

xenophics' blog

deva's blog

zyn's blog

xodan's blog

arx's blog

nize's blog


hooray~ :P

i see xenophics in black asus shirt ~

I don't :(

i see her in a white dress

hello ~~~~

Hey Pan! Glad you found your way to our site, we already miss you and all the great people we were able to meet during the trip.

Blogs, pictures and videos are inc, starting from tomorrow!