Live raid and Gamescom - Mogi from Manaflask invites arx and xenophics

We are always happy to co-operate with other people who are passionate about World of Warcraft and active in the community, and are now happy to announce that Mogi from Manaflask has invited two of our players to Berlin, Germany to do live raid which will be streamed.

The stream will be on 24.8.2011, and Paragon's raid will start around 17:00 CET (this will be announced later). The stream will be commented by Mogi in German, but there might be a chance to get another stream, commented in English. We'll keep you informed if this can be arranged or not. The stream(s) will be embedded on our site, as always.

With Mogi inviting us to Berlin, it made it possible for arx and xenophics to also attend Gamescom in Cologne 19.-21.8.2011. We'll be attending the event as visitors, and you'll be able to see us hanging around, but most likely near Blizzard's and SteelSeries' booths. xenophics will work on covering the event on our site with blog entries and pictures. Read more on her blog on what's on her mind and what kind of coverage from Gamescom can be expected.

We'd like to thank Manaflask and especially Mogi for making this trip possible. We'd also like to invite everyone to come and say hi to us at Gamescom, we'd love to make meet new people and make friends in Germany.



but the gamescom is placed in cologne not in berlin^^

I am sure you can read... so I'll help ya and pick out the line for ya from the post.

Here it comes

"With Mogi inviting us to Berlin, it made it possible for arx and xenophics to also attend Gamescom in Cologne 19.-21.8.2011."

hi, first time posting on this site, just a quick question, will you guys be chatting it up with swifty and athene at the razor booth?

We have no plans concerning Swifty and Athene. We might meet them though during our stay at Gamescom.

kewl, thnx for reply, and all the best in the live stream raid, coming from JA ^_^

Will the raid be stream only, or will I be able to see you guys here in Berlin? :)


The raid will be stream only, but I don't think it would be impossible to meet up with people during Tuesday or Thursday and eat some icecream!