The Raid Observer: Fleshing out the Top 50

Just a tiny update with a couple interesting tidbits of information about the race in the past couple days. Read on!



So on January 7th we had 25 raiding guilds that had reached 8/8 (sixteen on 25-man and nine on 10-man). And then we had a kind of significant leap forward between January 8th and 9th. In those 24 hours we saw an approximate 34% increase in the number of guilds (nine more, to be exact) at 8/8, taking us to 34 guilds in total. This brings us to nineteen 25-man raiding guilds and fifteen 10-man raiding guilds having cleared 8/8, which suggests that 10-man guilds are starting to catch up to the 25-man guilds. We've often seen the 25-man raiding guilds lead the charge as far as being the majority of first groups to fully clear the new tier content (and they do represent a higher proportion of the top 20 raiding guilds), but I predict we'll see a higher proportion of 10-man raiding guilds in the lower 60 of the top 100 raiding guilds.

I guess that makes sense since we've got 10-man raiding guilds outnumbering 25-man guilds about 9-1.

The other noteworthy piece is the fact that For the Horde, the EU-German server guild that announced its departure from raiding early on in the race (triggered by the LFR ban, an interest in SW:TOR, and other factors we probably don't really know about), has managed to end this tier of raiding ranked in the 19th spot for 25-man raiding (and 31st overall). This is a striking comeback (with the remaining members of FtH and new ones catching up in record speed) to me as I've often seen guilds rapidly fold once a few key members depart, never to regain momentum--never mind when top world rankings are at stake. For For the Horde to come back into a rank that is only 8 places off of their 25-man ranking in Tier 12 really stood out for me.