Paragon players – two years later

We stopped raiding a bit over two years ago – or exactly 748 days ago. Some of us quit the game earlier, and nowadays all of our players have moved on with their lives. Seita himself has moved on to Overwatch; he played professionally in Ninjas in Pyjamas and is currently coaching his own team that won Overwatch Contenders 2017 Season 1: European Championships.
Xenophics visited some of those old friendships and did a video (with English subtitles) which features old Paragon players telling what they are doing now. So if you have ever wondered what’s up after all these years, this video gives you the short recap of the lives of some of the old pro-gamers.

You can find the following players’ answers from the video: Manni, Baltha, Rakez Geru, Ruksi, Kyy, Jhazrun, Lyni, Tuutti, Smirk, Fragi, Alzu, Yliajo, and arx.
Interested in following ex-Paragon players on social media? Below is a list of known social media accounts:
Seita Twitter
Fragi Twitter / Twitch
Yliajo Twitter / Twitch
Deva Twitter
xenophics Twitter / Instagram / Facebook
Ruksi Website
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