Sinestra kill video

There was a world second kill on Lady Sinestra last night, so it's now time to release our kill video. Head to youtube to check it out. There is also full quality torrent download available here.


woot! that was a fast release!

Hi, thx for the video but the torrent link is broken

we want Ventrilo on the last 5% please!

btw Gratz ^.-

good job guys, decent looking encounter


wtb more Lappe-view!!

GZ from old buddies at stormscale :D

well i think sinestra wasnt that hard, all i saw from the video old skills i didnt saw anything new, almost every skill of sinestra is used by bosses of other expansions,and since paragon have done them so fast sinestra wasnt a big challenge and i bet nefarian and al akir are far harder then Sinestra, blizzard was focused sinestra tactic to be very obvious they though if they make it ultra hard nobody would actually kill it, it wasnt really challenging as Algalon back in the days , and dun want to mention mimiron Hard mode


Do you by any chance have a parse for sinestra kill?

Alphasupreme out~