Nefarian and Al'akir kill videos

There was second kill on Nefarian so it's now time to release our Nefarian kill video (Youtube), (Torrent).

We also released our Al'akir kill video (Youtube), (Torrent) earlier today.

Head to youtube to check them out.







Will there be high quality torrent downloads, just like with your sinestra kill movie?




thanks for releasing

Stolen power yo!

840k tic FTW

Why wait for someone else to kill Nef to release a video...

Method did it legit. They're waiting on you, so they can release THEIR video.

i still dont understand why blizz patched the bleed effect bug and didnt take away the kill, but oh well grats on world first

Bug? Maybe you missed statement from hermanni?
You should read it and understand how encounter is even working...

Congratulations guys! With the mix of epic fights and strategies you remain on top whatever trolls say about Nefarian shot.I can't belive how much QQ is about that fight with no specific reason.Whatever people say he is dead.Doesn't really matter how when everything is OK.That makes you special.I still don't get it why Method preferred to QQ about losing world first on Nefarian and mock you with that fail screenshot.Looks like jealousy knows no bounds.In conclusion I saw only classic shots everywhere.Same old tactic.You finally brought something new and entertaining. Thank you Paragon! and keep this going.

Out of the very top guilds Method was probably the most mature in their responses considering Nefarian.

I have to congratulate Paragon for the kills. Seems like you are the only ones who think outside the box and use creative ways to deal with every situation (audience in Al`Akir fight is brilliant:)). You really are willing to push it to the absolute limit. That is why you are a step ahead of everyone and I hope you can continue this trend in the future.

They see me hatin...
Just stop the QQ already -.-
Lets face it. If Method, Ensidia or Stars would have figured out rip "bug" they would have used it.
Paragon just figured it out before they did.
I can't see why they wouldn't use it, because fight was intend to give buff to deal more damage. Just live with it.

there was bug?

Haters gonna hate man, you guys whooped ass this tier.

Huge congrats from US

Thats why i writed "bug", because it really wasn't.

Congratulations again. You proved again that you're the best.
Don't pay attention to the haters and other evil creatures.
The ONLY one who can judge and has the right to do it is Blizzard and if for them everything is legit than it is for everyone.
Everyone else who try to complain about something else is a retard, with all meanings of the word.

makes perfect sense.

Gz on all the kills and ty for beta testing allowing Blizzard to tune the mechanics!

Cause of guilds like this my guild and many others get to fight proper working encounters \o/

Hey, nice vid, I'm really liking the UI the hunter you are filming from are using. Is it available to download somewhere or would I have to try to recreate it myself?

So i heard you are boosting people to 13/13, after seeding over 10 gigs, am i right? ^^