The Raid Observer: Week 2 Wind Down

Week 2 starts to wind down... heroic-mode catch up afoot, and some performance art!


The Week 2 Wind Down...

So if you'd not had a chance to yet, do check out the podcast from yesterday. You can skip ahead to 07:20 to get to the start of the interview!

So we're at the end of Week 2 now for the US server guilds and the banned guilds will be trying to plan their "catch up" if they want to get back into the correct race for their usual raid size. The unbanned guilds will have a chance to take advantage of the reset for more gear and hopefully a better chance at the Spine Tap that's been going on. I predict that tomorrow and Wednesday will be very interesting days. If you like compulsively refreshing the ranking progress sites that is. Yes, the weirdest spectatorless spectator race is about to hit Week 3 (yes, yes, Week 2 to you purists) and it remains anyone's game! Literally. Well, not literally as the game does technically belong to someone/some people, but... you get my meaning. Oh but do you? I've found even me and my need for precision in my words has led me astray before!

25 guilds now stand at 6/8 and the Spine appears to have resulted in a kind of paralysis or traffic jam. I am guessing the next reset will rectify this slow down and could, if it happens that way, mean there are more guilds in the running for the top 25-man guild spot. This will mean the serious 10-man raiding guilds (with several of them in the top 20 right now) have a chance to claim the world first on 10-man raiding. It could be a slightly more normal race after all. But this is still Unlucky Tier 13, so it's not over til it's over!

See? I can write short blog posts sometimes! Walls of text, walls of sound... hmmph. ;) I need to figure out a wall of sight next.



At what time exactly does everyone get unbanned? Anybody know?

Think is around wed 4am for the 8day-ers, which is when EU servers will go down for maintenance so they will be able to play on the 9th day. Daaayuumm Day[9] banned them:)

Well since all the videos of all the fights are online already, it should be easy to catch up within a few hours. I think of the ban as a nice rest while the other guilds not banned pretty much did all the hard work! Now you get to take advantage of that! Win win situation! GO PARAGON!

Yo guys, take a moment and lissen to this song and be proud!